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10 Funny Tips for New Moms

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Having children is the dream of almost every couple out there. Children, in many ways, bring meaning and purpose into a couple’s relationship. They are truly majestic beings, undoubtedly, beautiful and innocent without limits. Imagine you had a rough day at work, but as soon as you come home to your baby’s smile, every moment becomes worth the effort.

Although there is nothing more pleasing and soothing for a parent than the sight of their baby, looking after them (parenting) also has challenges every single parent faces. This article will discuss various tips and tactics a parenting mom should be equipped with to face this challenge competently.

Are You a New Mom?

Having your first baby is different than your second or third baby. If you’re a new mom with your first-ever child, the major issue is that many things will be new to you.

You do not know what to do in different scenarios. What to do if your baby cries for prolonged durations or sleeps too much or too little? Is your baby just being unrestful and irritating? All these things make you worry about the baby just because you do not know what to do in these troublesome scenarios.

What is a New Mom Called?

A clueless mother new to the concept of parenting is called “Neomamma.” This refers to a woman who does not yet have a mother’s instinct but aspires to have one. She struggles with parenting and has to adjust her entire lifestyle according to motherhood.

Major Challenges a New Mom Faces

Although it is almost everything that concerns a new mother regarding parenting, here are some things new mothers are more commonly and frequently struggling with.

Adjusting to the Motherhood:

A new mom’s vision of life completely changes after having a baby. Now her every life decision is circulated to her baby. Her lifestyle and routine are dependent on her newborn. She has to alter her priorities in life according to motherhood.

Physical Recovery after Childbirth:

The mother often feels weakened after birth, and her hormones are imbalanced. In this condition, her physical recovery is the first thing to be concerned about. New mothers forgo major health changes, which get recovered with time. She can only face the other parenting challenges when her health is at its best.

Adjusting to the Newborn:

The newborn baby required extreme care and comfort, especially from her mother. A mother must adjust her life and priorities according to the baby’s activities. A baby needs proper feeding and bathing and has irregular sleeping patterns. The only time a mother can somewhat relax on her own is when the baby is asleep.

Being a mom is a full-time job that requires absolute focus and dedication. Sometimes a mother has to choose between her job/career and the baby. Alone time with the spouse is also somewhat compromised. All these things need adjustment, and it is a great challenge for the mother to adjust as quickly as possible.

Feeling Left out:

A newborn’s mother has to give a great portion of her time to the baby. This may cause her to lose out on hangouts and some family gatherings. Most of the time, she has to decline the party invites she desperately wants to go to, just because there is no one else to take care of the baby as her substitute. Even at a family gathering, her mind is diverted toward her baby rather than that place. If the baby is crying continuously or is not feeding, the mother is fully concerned.


Breastfeeding is also something new a mother has to experience. There are many different kinds of difficulties that may arise during breastfeeding:

  1. Bleeding Nipples
  2. Low Milk Supply
  3. Irritability
  4. The baby is not feeding

These are also a great concern for the mother; until these are resolved, the most important part of parenting, i.e., feeding, cannot be performed smoothly. If the baby does not feed according to the need, he becomes irritable and cranky. He cries and cries, and getting him to sleep impossible.

Helping Out a New Mom

You can do many things to make it easier for the mom to look after her baby. If you’re the father or a close relative of the baby, there are some responsibilities that you must also fulfill. What better to do than help the mother? Here is a list of things you can do so that the burden of parenting might feel less burdensome than it usually is.

  1. Taking extra care of her.
  2. Helping with the normal house chores.
  3. Buying Groceries for the house.
  4. Taking care of the house pet.
  5. Bring her presents to cheer her up.
  6. Helping out with the baby.

How to Make Parenting Fun?

Parenting is not always about consistently feeding, cleaning, and putting the baby to sleep. It can also be done so that you and the baby enjoy it rather than making it a chore. Here are some of the things you can try to do so.

  1. Focus more on playing than learning.
  2. Be creative.
  3. Do those things with your baby that you love.
  4. Try to make you and your baby laugh and smile.
  5. Play with your baby.

What to Bring When Visiting a New Parenting Couple?

If you have close friends who just had a baby, you should visit them. Doing so must feel like an obligation to bring something to them. Here is a list of things you can bring them that they might need.

  1. A reliable breast pump.
  2. Tiny Mittens for the Baby.
  3. A baby Cradle
  4. Baby Monitor
  5. A Cute Blanket
  6. Sleeping Bags

What to Say to a Mother Who Just Gave Birth?

Visiting a new mother and just don’t know what to say to her? Well, here are some catchy phrases you can use!

  1. “Congratulations, you two.”
  2. “What a handsome/beautiful baby boy/girl.”
  3. “Can’t wait to see her smile!”
  4. “You will surely make a wonderful mother.”
  5. “May God bless you and your new family.”

10 Funny Tips for Newborns’ Moms

Here are some funny and creative tips for spending quality time with your newborn. Although while parenting a newborn, you might sometimes feel that you are just stuck inside your house, bored and all, without any activity other than feeding the baby, changing his diapers repeatedly, and just trying to take them to sleep. Well, we are here to add the much-needed fun into your life as new parents. Here, we will give 10 fun ideas on how to feel creative and not bored, along with taking care of your newborn.

Planning a Picnic:

You can simply go to the local park with your baby. Pack some supper for the evening and some necessary things for the baby. Put down a blanket and sit there with your newborn. The natural and soothing environment will also have a positive effect on you as well as on your baby’s mood.

It’ll help get the baby in a better mood. The baby’s bare feet are on the grass, and leaves rustling in the wind. Although he is not old enough to play games alone, he will surely enjoy seeing other children.

Joining a Class:

Babies of around 6 months to a year have unpredictable sleep schedules, and because of these schedules, most often, these classes are not for babies. Rather, they are more beneficial for the moms. Taking these classes is helpful for moms in many ways. It keeps their minds off of the usual routine things.

They can also choose the type of class they want to take, what excites them and what may be according to their taste. They can join a music class if they’re into music and stuff. If they’re into yoga and things like that, they may join a yoga class. Group exercise classes are also a good option.

Visiting the Pool:

You can go to a pool with your child. Swimming is also an activity that soothes and refreshes the mind. There is this feeling of weightlessness that your child will experience for the very first time. This majestic feeling is really something to experience.

Many pools have a reserved time for families in which there is no crowd of teenagers, and you can peacefully spend time with your newborn. Of course, certain precautions must be taken, like air tubes and life jackets, before you expose your baby to the water.


Just take a piece of paper and some crayons and give them to your baby. Although he may not be old enough to draw something meaningful, he surely will have fun just drawing whatever he can manage. Lines, dots, and even some circles or closed figures might do just fine. You can also draw something simple; the baby will enjoy watching you draw.

Taking Photos and Video Shots:

Normally as soon as the baby is born, pictures are sent to the loved family members. But, as soon as some time passes, there is a continuous pressing demand for more. All thanks to the technology of our time, one can record and send every single funny and exciting clip of a baby.

Whether it be his first steps or his first words, or just a unique and funny face the baby made a few while back, everything can be recorded. After some time, the photos are looked back upon, and the moments are relived again and again.

Going to a Pet Store:

A pet store is also one of the places you can take your baby to. You don’t even need to buy anything. Just the sight of kittens and puppies will make your baby glee and smile. Waving at the animals and identifying them is another fun activity for him. Just a shout-out from an exotic animal will have a long-lasting fun memory in the mind of the baby.

Visit the Zoo:

Although going to a zoo is a family activity with your husband and kids, you can also go there just with your newborn, can’t you? There he’ll get to see all sorts of different creatures. It will surely be a unique experience for the newborn.

Watching your Wedding Album with the baby:

Watching your wedding album with the baby and reliving those magical moments is also a productive activity. Pointing towards all those relatives and loved ones of yours will surely help your baby better remember them when he sees them again and again.

Learning A New Language:

Ever wanted to learn a foreign language like Spanish or French but never got the right time to do it? Well, here’s your chance to do so. Get basic tutorials from the internet and practice them around your baby. This will not only help you learn a new language, but studies have shown that your baby will also benefit from it along the way.

Playing Different Games:

You can play different games with your newborn according to the age of the baby. From peek-a-boo to hide and seek, there are a lot of games that can help you spend quality time with your newborn.

Types of Parenting Styles

Based on wide research, psychologists recognize at least four different parenting styles. These four styles are as follows:

Authoritarian Parenting

Authoritarian parenting means that the mother and father tell the child what to do, and the child does that, no questions asked. This is somewhat “obey me because I’m your parent” type of approach. The child normally does not have a say against his mother and father.

Permissive Parenting

This is quite the opposite of the authoritarian approach. In this, the parents give a somewhat free hand to the children, and then they make some of their life choices themselves.

This approach teaches the children to be held responsible according to the choices they make. Permissive parents want to be friends with their children, and in this approach, they may not even stop them whenever the child is to be stopped.

Authoritative Parenting

This type of parenting is between the above two. This is considered to be a perfectly balanced approach to parenting. Not too much freedom is given, and not too much strictness is demonstrated.

This makes it perfect for the child to grow in a healthy and supportive yet limited environment. The child in this scenario knows what his limits are and that if he crosses them, he will be punished or asked about it.

Neglected/Uninvolved Parenting

In this style of parenting, the parents show no or very little interest in the lives of their children. The child feels unwanted and unimportant. This style is similar to permissive if the basic nurturing is removed from it. These children are proven to be affected by more stress and anxiety than others.

Helicopter Parenting

Although it is not yet considered an official parenting style, it is becoming more and more common in these modern times. This style revolves around parents micromanaging their children and being overinvolved in their affairs. There is no space given to the child, and they or their parents decide all matters of his life.


All in all, there are many different activities a mother can try in order to spend a good time with the newborn. These different activities, in addition to keeping the baby occupied, have also been known to significantly increase the mom’s productivity.

Rather than just changing diapers, a mother can learn and enjoy the time she spends with the baby. In this way, parenting becomes fun! In addition to that, there are many things the father and other close ones can do which can make the mother’s hard time of parenting a little bit easier and less tiring.

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