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20+ Early Signs of Pregnancy

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A missed period is undoubtedly the most apparent pregnancy indication, but it is not the only one. Long before your period is missed, an egg fuses with the uterine wall and implants itself. In short, you become pregnant as soon as the implantation takes place. Pregnancy symptoms typically start to show up the first week after fertilization. A nervous and excited pregnant mother, though, might miss them. This article comprises a list of early pregnancy symptoms that will help you identify your pregnancy. Let’s get started! 

Things to Know About Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Here are the things you should know about the early signs of pregnancy.

  • The severity of the symptoms varies.
  • In successive pregnancies, a woman may not necessarily experience the same symptoms in the same manner as she did with her first.
  • All pregnancies share a few early indicators, such as the lack of periods and weight increase.

Early Signs of Pregnancy you Should Know

Early Signs of Pregnancy you Should Know

The most reliable approach to determine whether you are pregnant is a pregnancy test. However, a few common symptoms could indicate pregnancy before missing a period.

1.  Lower Abdominal Pain or Cramping

Pregnancy can be detected early and clearly by menstrual cramps. If you’re pregnant, you can have light or minor cramps. Although they will be in your lower back or stomach, these cramps will feel similar to those you have before your periods.

2.  High Body Temperature

Monitoring high basal body temperature (temperature of your body at total rest) over several months will help you identify any noticeable changes because it is frequently more accurate than the other symptoms. Pregnancy-related elevated levels of progesterone, which raise basal body temperature, are the reason for this elevated temperature.

3.  Breast Tenderness, Swelling, and Tingling

To support the growth of your upcoming child, your body goes through significant hormonal changes throughout pregnancy. Breast pain is one of the symptoms that this hormonal change might cause.

If you often feel breast soreness just before or after the start of your period, pregnancy-related breast tenderness and swelling will probably be more severe than usual and last longer. You might also feel discomfort in the nipple region. However, despite the fact that these symptoms persist after you have missed your period, these symptoms are not significantly different from premenstrual breast indications.

4.  Exhaustion and Fatigue

Exhaustion and Fatigue

You always feel worn out and tired as a result of hormonal fluctuations. Sleepiness and tiredness are symptoms of pregnancy. It is common to feel exhausted during pregnancy after performing even minor tasks. An extra urge to sleep is due to the increase levels of progesterone and will last throughout the first three months of pregnancy. To nourish the developing baby, the body also produces more blood, which causes more tiredness.

5.  Nausea or Vomiting

The commonly occurring symptom of nausea or vomiting, also known as “morning sickness,” may indicate that you are pregnant. 4-6 weeks after conception, you could start feeling restless and nauseous. You can experience vomiting every morning due to increased estrogen and progesterone levels. It’s not necessary to get sick in the morning.

6.  Constipation or Bloating

Constipation and bloating are frequent during pregnancy, but we all occasionally experience them. This problem is again due to changing levels of hormones in the body. They slow digestion, which can result in an accumulation of air in the digestive tract and induce constipation.

7.  Frequent Urination

Another apparent sign of pregnancy is the constant urge to urinate. The urge will worsen as your pregnancy progresses and the growing uterus begins to push the bladder. Throughout the pregnancy, frequent urination is a typical symptom caused by hormonal changes and increased blood production. The need to urinate frequently results from the kidneys working overtime to filter blood.

8.  Sensitivity to Smell

Sensitivity to Smell

Many women report sensitivity to smell was one of their early pregnancy symptoms. In fact, as many as two-thirds of mothers become sensitized to or reactive to the smells around them during pregnancy.

And frequently, this heightened sense of smell can stick around through the first three months or beyond and come up with other symptoms such as nausea and food cravings or aversions.

9.   Mood Swings

Your mood can be impacted by various factors, including your menstrual cycle and stressful workdays. However, mood swings are incredibly usual during pregnancy, and they could be pronounced early on as your body experiences an abrupt increase of estrogen and progesterone.

Any mood changes you may have when pregnant are probably associated with additional symptoms like dizziness or nausea. You might become more emotional or tearful. You may have a shorter temper and get irritated more easily.

10. Nasal Congestion

Nasal Congestion

Many individuals are surprised to learn that nasal congestion can be a sign of pregnancy. You could be worried about getting sick or having an allergic reaction. But if you also experience a runny or stuffy nose along with other pregnancy symptoms, you should consider getting a pregnancy test soon.

11.   Changes in Cervical Mucous

A rise in cervical mucous can indicate pregnancy early on. The cervical mucus will get denser and creamier after conception and remain that way until your periods have been missed. You might also notice that your urine stings or that your vagina is itchy and irritated.

12.   Unreasonable Thirst 

If you find yourself consuming lots of water, don’t be shocked. Even before your period is late, an increase in blood volume could cause you to feel extremely thirsty. Due to the increase in hormones during pregnancy, you might also have a tendency to feel always hungry.

13.   Metallic Taste in Mouth

Many pregnant women claim to experience a metallic taste in their mouths. Yet again, the hormones—most especially estrogen— are the reason for this unpleasant taste.

This symptom, along with general taste alterations, typically occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy, although it can also happen at other times, such as right before a missed period.

14.   Headache and Dizziness

The most typical premenstrual symptom is headaches. On the other hand, estrogen and progesterone work nonstop throughout conception to prepare the uterus for the baby. The hormones produce a drop in blood sugar levels, which makes it difficult for the brain cells to keep up with the low sugar supply. This causes headaches. The dilatation of blood vessels, which also reduces blood pressure, causes nausea and instability.

15.   Light Spotting

One of the initial indications of pregnancy might include occasional blood spotting. This happens when the growing embryo attaches itself to the uterine wall. This kind of bleeding tends to happen around the time when your period should have arrived.

16.   Food Cravings

Food Cravings

Your favorite foods may make you crave them more, and pregnancy hormones may also make you sensitive to specific odors. During the first few weeks following conception, there is a sudden and increased urge for food aversions that may or may not endure the entire pregnancy. Even before their periods are missed, some expecting moms may experience appetite loss.

17.   Pains & Aches

In order to make space for the new life inside of you, hormones act on the ligaments, which must stretch. Before you miss your period, ligament and joint stretching may cause pain in the spinal region.

18.   Salivating or Drooling

Some women secrete excessive saliva before they miss their period, despite it not being a prevalent symptom. Morning sickness and heartburn are connected to this illness. Drooling occurs as a result of the extra fluid that nausea attacks cause in the mouth.

19.   Hot Flashes

Hot flashes, which are particularly common when your period arrives or even when menopause begins, may also be an early sign of pregnancy. A significant chance that you are pregnant may exist if you frequently get hot flashes that last a few seconds or minutes.

20.  Excessive Vaginal Discharge

It is a symptom that practically all expectant mothers-to-be encounter. This discharge is similar to the one that occurs during periods, but the consistency is thicker and is produced in large volumes. It is advised to use panty liners to face this problem. 

21.   Acne and Darkening of Areolas

During the premenstrual phase, acne and spots might occasionally appear. Possible causes of sudden breakout include a rise in hormone levels during pregnancy. If the region around your nipples and areolas darkens, that is also an indication.

22.   Unusual Dreams

Even before you have missed your period, vivid dreams may be frequent in the first few weeks of pregnancy. Many women report weird feelings a week or two after pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones function in a strange way, causing pregnant women odd dreams and illusions.

Does Metallic Taste During Pregnancy Indicates Baby Boy or Baby Girl?

Gender is far more complicated and influences our identities, social roles, and behavior. Therefore, a metallic taste cannot possibly reveal the gender of your unborn child, while some people think that having a metallic taste in your mouth indicates that you will give birth to a girl. However, there is no scientific reason for this. Fun to think about, though.

Do You Bruise Easier When Pregnant?

Some pregnant women discover that they get bruises more than usual or that even the slightest bump leaves a significant black-and-blue mark. The majority of the time, it’s nothing, but there’s a chance you might have experienced gestational thrombocytopenia or low platelet count caused by pregnancy alone.

Random Bruises on Legs During Early Pregnancy

Unexpected bruises are pretty frequent and usually go away very fast. However, there might be an underlying ailment or other variables if a bruise lasts for a long time or alters in size. Doctors will monitor a woman’s platelet levels throughout a pregnancy, but bruising on the legs may be a sign of gestational thrombocytopenia. Low platelet counts cause bruising on the legs. About 75% of all occurrences of thrombocytopenia in pregnancy can be attributed to this.

Signs He Thinks you are Pregnant

Signs He Thinks you are Pregnant

Early pregnancy brings a lot of changes, both physical and emotional, in the body of the mother. By noticing these physical and mood changes, the husband can get the idea that his wife is pregnant. For instance, if she’s craving her favorite food, feeling nausea and dizziness, extreme fatigue and headache, nasal congestion, and sensitivity to smell. These symptoms are the indication for the husband that his wife is expecting.

Can Toddlers Sense Early Pregnancy?

Can Toddlers Sense Early Pregnancy

Although it is not scientifically confirmed that toddlers can detect pregnancy, many reports from parents support this claim. Many expecting mothers have experienced instances where a toddler approached them and said something surprising regarding the upcoming arrival of a baby. Well, it’s the tempting idea that they are so tuned into us that they can feel the hormonal changes that pregnancy causes.


Early pregnancy symptoms might differ from one person to the next and from pregnancy to pregnancy. You might sense changes in your body before you discover you’re pregnant. This article has compiled 20+ signs and symptoms of early pregnancy, which can help you acknowledge whether you are pregnant or not.

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