Moms Act – A Step to Bring Ease for New Mothers

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Lack of awareness and money not only affects the standard of life but also makes it difficult for new moms to raise their babies in a hygienic environment. For this purpose, many acts have been put forward and foundation and contributing to making the process easy.

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In this article, we aim to discuss the mom’s act and the foundation working to provide the necessities of life.

What is a Mom’s Act?

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Mom’s Act 2021 is the bill that addresses the need to work with federal programs for maternal mental health and develop an effective strategic plan to shed light on maternal mental health disorders. According to a survey, more than 20% of pregnant and postpartum mothers will suffer from anxiety and depression. It requires proper screening to support them. However, screening is not conducted and offered on a regular basis. It is not conveniently accessible.

Purpose of Mom’s Act

The fragmented healthcare services hurt moms, which also potentially shows an inverse impact on families and children. Untreated maternal mental health disorder significantly impacts the mother and infant relationship.

Main Agenda of Moms Act

The triumph of the New Mom’s act direct to create a phycological health task force, and they have to:

  • Go through, and figure out ongoing programs and beneficial strategies.
  • Fill gaps, eradicate federal duplication, and works with federal resources
  • Develop a strategy and give recommendations to the governor.

What is the Mom Helping Mom Foundation?

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It is a small nonprofit organization with a clear and big aim, heart and fund. They are made of multiple board members and include different volunteers to make the events and services for new mothers successful. Moms Helping Moms Foundation offers less privileged and underserved families in New Jersey equitable access to the essentials they require to offer their little ones a safe and healthy start to make the future safe.

Main Aims of Foundations

This foundation has set some goals to show the impact and get visible results in the shape of better living standards and health for new mothers.

Safety first

This foundation puts the safety of the mother-child and the volunteers working with them; safety is their number one priority. They are committed to offering safe transportation.

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They ensure that all mothers and children get basic necessities such as diapers and pads for hygiene.

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Not only do they keep an eye on the surroundings to offer door-to-door facilities, but they are also easily accessible.


They have kept their services to fulfill every possible requirement of new mothers.

Save time

Now you do not need to compromise over your and your children’s health because the moms helping moms foundation provides necessities at your doorstep.

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Customer service

They value your responses and are always up to hearing people’s words.

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Analysis of Mom’s act and Moms Helping Moms foundation

here are some common impacts of foundations:


Mom’s act and moms helping moms foundation have laid a practical example of equality by bridging the gap between people from different socio-economic backgrounds. Even in the smallest way, they have greatly impacted the betterment of life of low income families.

Leadership and adaptability

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It is a score that determines the organization’s planning, leadership quality, strategic thinking, and ability to innovate or respond to changes in constituent needs on economic conditions to achieve the goals. However, Moms Helping Moms Foundation Inc. is not showing the score because data is yet to be evaluated.

Culture and Community

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For a successful organization, it is important to serve the people regardless of race and identity. They should be connected to every culture to serve properly. This connectivity is highly evident in the Moms Helping Moms foundation. They serve every nation and show deep connectivity to all cultures.


Maternal issues are one of the most neglected topics in society. To address the issues and fulfill the requirements of necessities of new mothers, many efforts are being made on the governmental as well as ground level. Mom’s act has strengthened the activities to bring betterment, while the Moms Helping Moms foundation offers diapers, pads, and other essential baby items for new mothers.

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