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Sponge Bathing a New Born- A Guide

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Even though they’ve just descended to Earth, new babies also require proper hygienic care, including bathing. To bathe a newborn baby is an activity that requires skills and many precautions. After all, these tiny humans are as fragile as one can be!

There are different ways to bathe a newborn baby, one of those includes a sponge bath newborn. If you are wondering how to properly get your baby squeaky clean, then this article is just for you. Here is all you need to know about sponge baths.

What’s a Sponge Bath?

As its name suggests, a sponge bath makes use of a sponge or a cloth. Since you cannot risk giving too much mobility to your newborns, considering how fragile they are. A sponge bath is mainly performed to maintain their hygiene. In a sponge bath, the baby is laid on a towel and not in a tub. The baby is then wiped off or cleaned using a wet cloth.

  • How is Sponge Bath Different from Other Baths?

Sponge bathing a new born baby is different from other baths because it doesn’t require a tub. The baby is wiped with a wet cloth instead of getting washed while lying down. Another major difference is that the baby is not rinsed off all at once, and only one part of the body is wiped off at a time.

When and Why Babies Should Get a Sponge Bath?

When and why babies should get a sponge bath all depends on their conditions. For example, if a newborn baby boy hasn’t fully healed from his circumcision, then he may need to get a sponge bath. Other than that, if the umbilical cord hasn’t completely fallen off, the baby will need to get this type of bath again. If the baby is healing from surgery or has any stitches, then he fits into the criteria for getting sponge baths too.

Sponge baths should only be performed twice or thrice a week, as the baby’s skin is very sensitive as a newborn.

Think You Will Need to Sponge Bathe Your Baby:

It is necessary that you stay prepared for sponge bathing your baby beforehand. To make sponge bathing convenient for you, you must have a large bowl. Along with that, keep at least two small towels and washcloths with you. You will also need warm water, make sure that water is not too warm. Next, choose a gentle soap that includes safe ingredients.

Of course, you cannot bathe your baby by not keeping extra clean diapers, clothes, and wipes with you.

How to Do a Baby Sponge Bath:

Wondering how to sponge bathe a newborn? Here are ten easy steps to make the whole process fun and easy for you:

  1. First and foremost, appoint a separate area where you will sponge bath your baby. A bathing process like this should not be carried out in the middle of nowhere.
  2. The area you plan on giving a sponge bath to your baby should be clean and must have a smooth surface. Next, ensure that every necessity is layed out in front of you.
  3. Fill a large bowl with warm water. Check the temperature before proceeding further. The water should not be hot and should be around 998.6 to 103.9 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Along with that bowl, ensure that the room is warm too. No fan or air conditioner should be left switched on.
  5. Wash your hands thoroughly.
  6. Undress your baby carefully and lay them on a towel.
  7. In a sponge bath, wipe your baby clean by taking one section of the body at a time. First, start by wiping his face, head, and behind the ears. Using a cotton ball, wipe his eyelids very carefully. After that, wash the baby’s chest, private parts, arms, and legs.
  8. Wash your baby’s head using a gentle baby-safe shampoo.
  9. Wipe the leftover soap residue as it can be harmful if left like that. With a dry washcloth, wipe off your baby’s body one last time and wrap him in a towel or blanket. Make sure to dry the baby’s skin and don’t rub.
  10. In the end, apply a baby lotion all over the baby’s body. Dress him up in new clothes, and that’s it!

How to Keep Bathing Supplies Clean:

It is vital that you take care of the bathing supplies after sponge bathing your baby. Hang the towels or washcloths in an open area to make them dry and free from any microorganisms.

How Often Should You Sponge-Bath a Newborn:

The skin of newborn babies is sensitive, and hence you cannot sponge bath them every day. Sponge bathing your baby once or a maximum thrice a week is more than enough.

When Can Babies Transition to Other Types of Bath:

As mentioned earlier, you sponge bathe your baby due to a particular reason. These reasons include the umbilical cord not falling off, surgical scars, and stitches. When your baby gets rid of the issue, it’s time to transition to other baths.

Precautions of Sponge Bath:

All newborn babies love getting a sponge bath, however, as parents, you must take necessary precautions. First and foremost, never leave your baby alone, even if it’s only for a few seconds. Next, make sure that the baby is held securely and layed down on a smooth surface. You wouldn’t want the baby to get hurt this way. Lastly, while washing and wiping the hair, ensure that no water or soap gets in the baby’s eyes. You have to be extra vigilant at each step of the sponge bath.


Sponge baths are a nice and effective way to clean your baby without irritating its area of concern. Such bathing technique keeps infections at bay and helps your baby remain clean and fresh at all times. Even though, the steps involved in a sponge bath are pretty easy. Now that you know how to sponge bathe a newborn, you must ensure that you take enough precautions at each step.

Always look into the things you are buying for a sponge bath and make sure they are safe for the baby’s skin.

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