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The Best Coming Home Outfit For Mom – A Comprehensive Guide

by | Motherhood

Motherhood is the most beautiful role among all that have existed in this world. It involves all sorts of pains, emotions, and love. The day a woman becomes a mother is the most defining moment of her life.

Giving birth to a baby boy or girl is a precious achievement unlike any other. You just delivered an entire human being.

But what comes after childbirth is deciding what should be the going-home outfit. Besides, in today’s morning world, there is going to be a cute family photo being taken.

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Why not look your best? So, if you are also looking for ideas for a going-home outfit for mom, this article is the perfect one for you.

Is It Necessary To Choose a Going Home Hospital Outfit?

Everything aside, it is not a prerequisite to wear a red-carpet worthy going home from the hospital worthy. But you are going to wear something anyway? Plus, you will not be wearing that super comfy hospital gown because they would want it back. You will be given the freedom to wear your own clothes.

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This definitely does not mean that you have to go all berserk on a wedding dress for $2000 as a hospital gown. Spend some time on it and find the perfect one for yourself, along with a hospital bag. Don’t worry. We are here to help.

Best Tips and Tricks When Picking a Going Home Outfit

Now you are set to plan your going-home outfit but don’t get too excited. Remember, during pregnancy, you gain a lot of weight. Now you have to lose it all. But for now, your old pre-pregnancy clothes won’t fit you right on.

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So, as a new mom no need to wear normal clothes that you are used to. Your priority should be a comfy option that gives you a relaxed feel. Here are some tips you can follow.

Consider Large Sizes

Plan to pack maternity clothes, including underwear. Choose an option that is 2 times the size that you wore before you were pregnant. As a new mom, going for something that will be super tight on your body will definitely hurt you.

Make sure your post-baby body is able to move freely, and so choose a size up your pre-pregnancy weight.

Incision Lines Are Expected

Expect the unexpected. There are always chances of having a c-section. As a new mom, your first few weeks might be slightly more painful than usual.

The c-section scars will be prominent and fresh, which is why you should plan for bottoms like postpartum leggings or anything comfortable for your scar.

Breastfeeding is Coming Your Way

Prepare for breastfeeding. Every newborn baby requires some additional attention. There will be times the baby needs help with food. A good option while on the road is getting yourself loungewear.

Long Rides Might Be Inconvenient

Make sure your outfit is comfortable for a long ride on the road. If your home is really far away from the hospital, the ride might be painful, especially after a c-section. Go for comfort over style always.


Weather is a major factor. Make sure whatever you wear coming back from home is consistent with how the weather is. Whether it is summer or winter, different temperatures require different outfit types.

Postpartum Wardrobe Options When Choosing a Going Home Outfit to Wear Home

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It is crucial to plan for your postpartum clothing while choosing your going home from hospital outfits. While selecting what you want to wear is definitely a personal choice that varies from individual to individual, for starters, here are a few tips.

·      Maternity Leggings

·      Nursing Bras

·      Breastfeeding Tanks

·      Postpartum Underwear

·      Belly Wrap

Hospital Outfit

The best options while you are in the hospital, are gowns. Those same old boring gowns that we have seen for ages. They are not stylish or cute and are definitely not comfy. Talking about privacy, you don’t get much of that either in a gown.

While choosing a going-home outfit for mom, it is also important to shortlist what you are going to wear while you are in the hospital.

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If you are someone who didn’t have a c-section and gave a natural birth, there won’t be many problems. The staff will allow you to get up and walk around a bit after taking a shower to clean yourself up.

After that, you have various options you can go for. You can get maternity underwear that is super comfortable. Make sure to pack more than a couple of pairs.

Next up amongst clothing, you can put on our nursing tank, a pajama, or even wear a nightgown. Make sure you carry a hospital bag along.

Socks and Blankets

Well, having the right socks and blankets is way more important than you might think. During and after your pregnancy, most women will feel cold feet and legs.

It happens due to bad circulation in your blood system along with water retention issues. The hospital temperatures are usually pretty cold, with the air conditioner running non-stop.

This, coupled with the cold feet of motherhood, make things even worse.

If you don’t want to find yourself shivering, then a pair of warm socks that have a good grip is a must-have. Another great item is a blanket.

A blanket serves various functions. Cover up when feeling cold, give it to the dad if he’s staying in, or even use it as extra padding against the hard beds of the hospitals.

Maternity Clothes

Well, of course, just like any other outfit, going home from hospital outfit will also be in pairs. As a suggestion, why not pair a plain maternity legging with a top that is dedicated to breastfeeding?

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Pajama pants, leggings, or simple pants are convenient and easy to go.

There is no complexity, such as zippers or buttons, which create an unnecessary fuss in your life. There are a variety of options for maternity clothes.

You don’t necessarily have to go for plain stuff. There are beautiful color options to choose from, along with many amazing and cool designs. You can even fit them in your hospital bag when leaving.

Nursing Bra

A nursing bra will be more than necessary with the comfort you would need, especially in the first few weeks.

It is a simple component of your daily wardrobe but is extremely nursing friendly. Whether you wish to sleep in them or walk around, these are extremely helpful.

With super soft and high-quality fabric, you will have an amazing experience overall.

There are various amazing and beautiful options available throughout online and offline places. You can get yourself a pack of three with different colors, so you have options for each day.

Nursing Tanks

A nursing tank is a must-have. Nursing tanks are also called breastfeeding tanks and are super convenient and helpful when you are breastfeeding in public.

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This two-in-one outfit is not only a great option for outdoors but does wonders if you are just casually roaming around the house.

If you wish to walk around without a bra during those painful few weeks after your pregnancy, then this nursing dress is an amazing going-home outfit.

Postpartum Underwears

Things that you should consider when buying postpartum underwear:

Type of Fabric

During the postpartum recovery period, it’s very much normal to experience swelling and tenderness in muscles.

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You don’t want anything that gets too uncomfortable and leaves you scratching all day. Make sure to choose a fabric that suits you and is extremely soft and airy.


The type of cut is very important for postpartum underwear. Make sure you get a full coverage cut.

Remember, style is not a priority during this period, so make sure to go for a comfortable option.


At the end of the day, all it is is just underwear. It shouldn’t cost a lot of money to break the bank. However, you need more than just a pair which might be costly.

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Make sure you pre-plan your spending pattern when it comes to underwear. If thinking from an investment point of view, the absorbent is the best option.


The bump you are carrying won’t go away easily or quickly. It will definitely be there for the first few days. Make sure to wear a size that is at the very least two times your usual size.

There are various types of postpartum underwear that you can opt-out for. Here are some of them.

Mesh Underwears

These are super stretchable and are made in mind that there are heavy-duty sanitary pads that a mother, after giving birth, would wear home.

They are very soft, and the cut is high-waisted. This will make sure this is no trouble with soreness on the vagina.

Compression Underwear

If you had a c-section, this one is for you. It offers light compression and will be of immense help during postpartum. It gives gentle support to the abdominal muscles.

Absorbent Underwear

These are regular-looking underwear but with a catch. Its moisture-absorbing material takes in all the blood, acting as a sanitary pad. No matter if it is blood, bladder leak, or discharge, it will be taken care of.

Disposable Underwear

Disposable underwears are a must-have for every woman during their hospital stay. Bleeding is a part of your life, especially during the first few weeks of postpartum recovery.

This is known to be Lochia or postpartum bleeding, and they occur in both c-section and vaginal deliveries.

After giving birth, the woman. It is usually not so active. She does not have the time to wash clothes, nor does her mind or body cope with her.

So, washing her underwear is something of an impossible task. Just use disposable underwear, and when needed, you can simply throw it away and put on another one during your hospital stay.

Going Home Outfit For Mom After Birth


Another brilliant way you can dress for a going-home outfit for mom right after your delivery is by putting on that amazing dress. Whether you went through a vaginal delivery or a C-section, dresses are always there to save the day.

They are as comfortable as clothing gets, giving you a wonderful time whether you are sitting, standing, or lying down. Dresses are loose and do not fit the body.

They hang around, and you feel super light, which is a perfect option as a going-home outfit for mom.

When choosing a dress for new moms, it is not necessary to choose boring options. You can choose from a variety of colors and various other options, such as dot designs, long sleeves, and short sleeves.

Loose Shirts Are a Good Option

If you are someone who likes easy access and doesn’t want things to get too complicated or over the top, then you should go for loose shirts from your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. A loose shirt that is fitted to your needs is great because of various reasons.

Shirts are already available in the market as normal clothes, so you don’t have to pay a hefty amount. Secondly, a wide variety will be available. Shirts are one of the most worn options, so a huge collection of different colors and prints will be available.

Besides, you can even ask your husband to lend you his shirt to make it an excellent postpartum shirt option.

Maxi or Skirt

If you are a mom that values style and easy access over anything, then this is an excellent option for you. Maxis are exceptional when it comes to comfort and ease.

They are super easy to wear and pose no threat to new moms. For that post-baby outfit look, this option is the best.


Robes are stuff that you are pretty much familiar with all your life. You have been wearing them for almost forever, and by now, you are very much no stranger to them.

With its super simple and easy-to-wear style, it is very convenient. You can roam around the house, nurse in it, sleep in it, or even go to the washroom while it is on as well.


For a going-home outfit for mom, another great option to add a layer is wearing a cardigan. The temperatures within the hospital and inside the body of a woman are very cold.

Wearing a cozy and comfy sweater while you get taken to your car is a brilliant way to add style and say goodbye to the cold.

Slip-On Shoes

One of the things that happen with becoming a mom is swollen feet. This swelling usually comes from pregnancy, and it takes some time to go away automatically. With swollen feet, it is super challenging to walk.

As an optimal option for your feet, go for slip-on shoes. They are super comfortable and let you wear them pretty easily. If it is summertime, go for slip-on sandals, or during winter, go for furry and padded slip-ons.

Summer Going Home Outfits For Mom

There are various options if you become a mom during the summer months and are choosing a going-home outfit during the hot months. Here are some of them.


During summer, this type of dress is very trendy and is worn by almost everyone. You will not feel out of fashion either since a sundress is a style statement in itself.

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You will have a huge variety of options to choose from. They are super comfy and do not stick to your waist, abdomen, or any other part of the body.

Light Denim Jacket

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Another fantastic option during summer is a good old blue denim jacket. It makes you look less bloated and more in shape. If you want to show your fearless and confident side of yours, put on this as a going-home outfit that sends out a message about your bold personality.

Shorts With a Top

There are some things in life you can never go wrong with, and one of them is shorts with a top. There are countless options for this since it is so frequently bought and worn regardless of your situation.

Tank Top

To top it all off, we have tank tops. Convenient, comfortable, and super important to complete your summer going-home outfit, as you can breastfeed in it very easily.

Winter Going Home Outfits For Mom

Sweatpants and Sweatshirts

sweatpants, legs, fashion

Well, it’s pretty cold during winters, so make sure you have worn clothing and fabric with extra padding. A great option is to wear sweatpants and shirts. They keep you warm and away from the cold.


To add an extra layer on your already so cold legs and feet, make sure you wear leggings to tackle the intense cold of the winter. They are easy to put on, and the material is usually very safe for new moms.

Sweater or Cardigan

Something on top is absolutely vital during the chilling weather of the winters. Our recommendation is to choose a good old thick cardigan or sweater, whichever one you prefer. Either one is full of style and will give you loads of warmth which is essential for a going-home outfit for moms.


If you are a mom who has cold feet all the time, a pair of boots are perfect for you. It is incredibly stylish, with a variety of colors and design options to choose from. Moreover, they help keep the chilly winds away from you.


To wrap it all up, after giving birth, there are various different types of going-home outfits for mom that you can choose from. Each one offers a different kind of variety and is suited for a specific time and purpose. Postpartum clothing is super crucial, along with what you are going to wear as a mom.

All in all, a woman’s body is already amazing, and it is not important to put on a super glamorous going-home outfit. It does look nice and gives an amazing touch to the wonderful life you are going to embark upon with your newly born child. Also, don’t forget your baby’s going-home outfit.

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