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Solly Wrap is a little baby carrier that wraps around your body. The wrap appropriately distributes the weight of a baby, preventing shoulder and back strain. Because it is a front-facing baby carrier, your child will always be near to you! The wraps are also extremely soft, machine washable, and fold into a small pocket that can fit in your diaper bag.

You want to start baby wearing but find that using a baby wrap is too difficult? Are you concerned that it will be too difficult to tie? Or are you scared that wearing numerous layers of fabric may cause you to sweat excessively and cause the infant to overheat?

You no longer need to be concerned! On the market, there is one baby wrap that addresses these concerns: Wrap Solly Baby.

Solly Baby Wrap quickly became mom’s new favorite wrap, not only because of its simple and charming design, but also because it’s made of a special fabric that makes it more breathable and simpler to put on than other baby wraps!

Before we get into the details, here’s a quick rundown of Solly Baby Wrap’s key features.

  • From birth to a weight of 25 pounds (usually most comfortable up to 9 months)
  • Made of a silky-soft fabric that wicks perspiration away from the body, preventing overheating.
  • If you need a baby carrier for the summer, this is the finest option.
  • Hip-healthy because it maintains the infant in an ergonomic frog position.
  • It is said to be easier to put on than other stretchy wraps by parents.
  • Reduces newborn fussing and relieves colicky babies by providing a warm area for baby to slumber, allowing you hands-free moments


This baby wrap is ideal from birth — most baby wearing experts recommend a minimum weight of 7-8 pounds. Solly Baby Wrap can be used to carry babies weighing up to 25 pounds. Up until 9 months, they are usually the most beneficial and comfortable.

Of course, if you have any worries about whether you and your baby are ready for babywearing (or if you or your baby have any specific circumstances), we recommend that you seek medical counsel or talk with a baby wearing expert before beginning to wear your Solly Baby Wrap.

When your child outgrows the wrap, you can transition to the Solly Loop carrier. It can support up to 45 pounds, so it will last you a while.


Solly Baby Wrap is unique in that it is constructed entirely of certified Lenzing Modal. This type of cloth is soft and silky, and it is ideal for warmer weather. It breathes better than cotton and viscose. It draws moisture away from the body, keeping your skin and your baby’s skin cool and fresh. Simply told, Solly Baby Wrap does not make you sweaty and hot.

Some compare Modal to Tencel, but it feels softer and has a more delicate touch. Modal fabrics are lighter and thinner in appearance. This means that you can wear your Solly Baby Wrap all year. Many parents think that this is the best summer baby carrier on the market right now!

Solly Baby Wrap is ideal for families who live in warmer climates, need a newborn carrier for summer, or simply anyone who wants to wear their baby for numerous hours every day without becoming sweaty in the wrap!


If I’m preparing to buy a new baby carrier or recommend one to other parents, I check the International Hip Dysplasia Institute’s website and their list of hip-healthy goods beforehand. This is excellent news because Solly Baby Wrap has been acknowledged as one of the hip-healthy baby carriers.


Simply put, it is safe for infant hips and helps you to arrange your baby in an ergonomic, healthy position. It’s known as the “frog position,” because it’s a natural position for an infant. The legs of the baby are M-shaped in this position, with the knees higher than the buttocks. The legs of the baby were in this position.

Another significant aspect of baby positioning is that the baby’s spine should be C-shaped (after the baby is born, their back is naturally rounded). It’s also important to keep in mind that the baby’s head should be supported by the parent’s chest.

Proper positioning of the baby’s spine and hips is critical for their growth and ensures that everything develops at a natural, appropriate speed. If a baby’s legs and spine are forced to straighten before they naturally do, it might have serious effects for their health. Don’t buy a baby carrier that forces your child to sit straight when he isn’t ready, or that leaves your child’s legs dangling with no thigh support! Simply simple, select a baby carrier that is hip-healthy!

Solly Baby Wraps are safe and hip-healthy because they keep the infant in a natural, ergonomic frog position that is good for their back, legs, and hips. They promote the healthy development of hip joints.

Despite being lightweight and composed of a thin fabric, this wrap is durable and robust enough to support up to 25 pounds and last for months!

Of course, it is critical to appropriately tie the wrap and put the infant in it. Solly Baby has a lot of good tutorial videos on their website that should help you get started with baby wearing. However, if you are unsure or have any worries about how to tie the wrap or position your infant properly, get professional assistance.


The Solly Baby Wrap is a long piece of fabric (about 5.5 yards long) that you wrap around your upper body and fasten. The brand has a few video presentations that demonstrate how to knot a decent tie. More tying ways can be found on YouTube and/or by consulting a baby wearing advisor. Although tying a wrap may appear challenging at first, it is actually not that difficult after a few attempts.

When your maser it, you’ll notice that it’s extremely comfortable to wear and promotes proper weight distribution throughout your upper body: hips, back, and shoulders. You can always alter the cloth around your shoulders and waist to avoid straining them.

Sometimes parents worry that the wrap will be too short to adequately hold the infant, while others worry that wearing a few more layers of fabric would be too hot. Solly Baby Wrap addresses both of these concerns.

It’s long enough to accommodate plus-size parents, but it’s also easily adjustable for small wearers. It’s fantastic since you can share it with your significant other, grandparents, or caregiver.

Even if you wrap it over your upper arm, it will still be effective.


In general, you can carry your child in a Solly Wrap until he or she reaches 25 pounds. It is usually excellent for 9-12 months.

If you’re wondering how many hours you can babywear every day, the answer is simple: as long as you and your child want to! You can continue to babywear your child during the day if he or she is resting in an ergonomic spread-squat position with hips, back, and neck well supported.

Allow your baby time to adjust and begin gradually. Once you’ve mastered it, you might be able to babywear for 1 or 2 hours at a time (then switch).


In general, if you choose a baby carrier that is secure and comfortable for both of you, baby wearing has numerous advantages for both the infant and the parents.

To begin with, spending time chest to chest encourages connection. Baby senses you, your touch, your fragrance, and your voice, which gives them a sense of security and connection. Baby wearing provides the ideal chance for touch, which is especially vital in the first few months.

Some people believe the wrap simulates the womb. Assuming you begin baby wearing immediately after childbirth (if there are no contraindications), the wrap will feel comparable to the womb for the baby, creating a snug home for the baby during those 9 months, and home provides a sense of security.


The Solly wrap is simple to put on, with or without assistance. To begin, a tag is located in the centre of the wrap. Put the tag in the center of your front, then loop the Solly crisscross across your back, bringing the ends over your shoulders.


Solly understands the importance of baby wearing safety. T.I.C.K.S. is a creative approach to recall the crucial elements regarding safe baby wearing that comes with the Solly wrap guidebook.

Tight: your wrap should be as tight as though you were hugging your infant close.

I- In Sight: You should be able to see your baby at all times.

C- Keep the baby close enough to kiss. Don’t allow the wrap to sag.

K — Keep chin off chest: Make sure your infant is not curled in such a way that the chin is forced towards the chest.

S – Supported back: Your baby’s back should be evenly supported at all times.

How We Selected Our Top Picks

Knowing that all carriers are technically safe, the best one depends on your lifestyle, money, body, and, of course, your kid.

Being simple to use, 


and adaptable to various needs and carrying positions

Rest assured that these carriers have also been reviewed by a team of medical professionals. There are no current safety recalls or product integrity issues to be concerned about. The firms that make these carriers have tested their goods to ensure that they fulfil industry requirements.


It’s no wonder that the Solly is one of the most popular baby wraps on the market. While some other wraps’ thicker fabrics make them suitable for chilly regions, the Solly is fashioned from a thin piece of very breathable modal cotton. It’s not only super soft, but it can be worn all year in any environment without making you sweaty. The wrap folds effortlessly into virtually any size bag and has a universal fit that works for wearers of all sizes. This pattern is a special edition created only for Baby list, but there are many different colors and patterns to pick from.


  1. Wrap
  2. Ring sling
  3. Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) / Buckle Carrier
  4. Meh Dai (Mei Tai) Carrier
  5. Backpack carrier


These carriers are fantastic! The cloth is incredibly soft, lightweight, and a beautiful color. The carriers are really simple to put on and does not take much modification, therefore it is simple for my husband to put on. For those who are unfamiliar with carriers, the carrier contains small tags that indicate where to place your infant.

New born adores being wrapped and will sometimes sleep for several hours in it. It intimidated at first, but our doula showed how to wear it, and it’s been fantastic. Try it! Don’t be put off by it. It’s well worth it!”


Most wraps look the same; they are long pieces of fabric that can be tied around your body to keep your baby happy and safe. The Solly wrap distinguishes itself in one simple way: the fabric is absolutely wonderful. The Solly baby wrap is lightweight, soft to the touch, and has just the right amount of stretch. Overall, the Solly Baby Wrap provides a snug and cosy environment for your baby to relax or sleep in while providing you with peace of mind that he is safe, happy, and near to your heart.

I hope you enjoyed my Solly Baby Wrap review and baby wearing wrap tutorial! There are other options for different baby wearing products available, but I’ve found that this option is the most convenient to use on a daily basis! It’s comfy for both me and the baby, and I hope you appreciate it as much as I do!

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