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A Complete Guide on Newborn Family Photos for New Parents 

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To capture every memorable moment of your little one, just have a look at a complete guide on newborn family photos for new parents.


No feeling in the world can be compared to the arrival of your little bundle of joy. After months of discomfort, morning sickness, and back pain later, bringing a newborn into this world makes the whole experience seem worthwhile. 

Like all rare and special occasions, the birth of a baby calls for a photo shoot. The newborn photoshoot has become trendy for all the right reasons. It wouldn’t be surprising to know that a baby’s growth is incredibly speedy. 

Getting a family photo taken with newborns before they grow and change faces will always remind you of the time you first laid eyes on them. Newborn images do not only exist to be cherished by parents, but for all generations to come. 

A baby family photo captures artistically is an excellent way for future generations to know about their ancestors. For a successful photoshoot session, many factors need to be considered. This guide will cover all the questions about newborn family photos brewing in your mind. 

What to wear for newborn family photos 

Unlike others, this photoshoot carries so much meaning and significance. After booking a session, it’s no wonder the most frequently asked question from mamas and daddies alike is, “What do I wear for a newborn family photoshoot”? 

Your get-up plays a more prominent role in photographs than you think. Please keep reading to achieve a look that will be picked up by the camera best and add to the aesthetics. 

Simplicity is key – what should Moms wear to newborn family photos 

Giving birth to a human being is no easy task. So, our top recommendation is to choose an outfit keeping comfort in mind. No need to tire yourself by putting in the extra effort. Simplicity is the way to go! 

When it comes to colors, an elegant light pastel color scheme photographs well. Your smiles and genuine expression of happiness must be the picture’s highlight. So, neutral hues like whites, creams, and light greys don’t attract all the limelight, keeping your expressions the main focus of attention. 

If you’re looking for an attractive style of clothing, then purchase a dress. Dresses are a great way to add a flowy element to your look, which looks flattering in photos. Furthermore, they complement every body type and make one look beautiful with minimal effort. 

Coordinate with mom’s top – what should dads wear for baby family photos

Daddy’s small contribution can result in a better photo outcome. A plain, long-sleeved dress shirt seems like you’re all geared up for a father’s role. A solid-colored tee is also an excellent option. 

Avoid anything with big logos. You don’t want the focus on your attire instead of your connection. Dads should stick by a color palette that compliments mom’s get-up. Lastly, to make the photo more eye-catching, pick a shirt in color associated with the newborn’s gender, blue or pink. 

Comfort is king – what should siblings wear during a newborn photoshoot 

The main goal is to ensure that the sibling remains relaxed throughout the session, regardless of age. A great way to yield their maximum cooperation and happy mood is to dress them in something comfy. 

The color of the sibling’s gear must be compatible with the parents’ wardrobe. With a big smile and soft-colored top, the sibling’s adorable and angelic faces will be captured perfectly by the camera. 

Family photos with baby, what to wear 

Above all else, wear the textures, designs, and colors you feel the most stunning in! Every family has its individuality and uniqueness that make the connection special. The best photos turn out to be the ones that emphasize your family’s identity. 

Even though the guidelines mentioned above are helpful, don’t hesitate to try a distinctive look. Light colors are mostly suggested. However, if your preference includes bright and vivid hues, don’t be afraid to shine in it. 

Tips and Tricks 

The purpose of a newborn photoshoot is to curate memories while enjoying the procedure. Many first-timers feel anxious about preparing themselves and the infant to ensure a successful, tear-free photo session. Planning ahead of time will enable you to tackle any challenges. 

  1. The right time to book a baby photo session 

After clothing comes the question, “When to schedule newborn photos”? Most baby photographers advise booking a slot ahead of time. This way, the stakes of your infant baby photographer being fully booked on your desired date can be minimized. 

The most appropriate time to begin scheduling a session is by the end of the second trimester. Keep the communication strong and inform the photographer about your due date. Upon the arrival of your little chipmunk, let the photographer know to decide the exact day. 

  1. The best age for a newborn photoshoot 

You’ve just been promoted to the honorary title of becoming a new mother and father. So, the first few days are, frankly, quite hard. Utilize the initial days to get to know your baby and combat bloating and exhaustion. Considering this, the best time for capturing your newborn’s photos is between 7 and 15 days after birth. 

  1. Preparing your infant for the session 

The photographer usually brings along all the bells and whistles that add to a baby’s cuteness. So, check-in with them to ask about the props they have. The photographer may likely want to capture the newborn in different get-ups. Put together two to three essential clothing items like swaddles, beanies, and headbands. 

A single photo session can take up to 2 hours. The newborn becomes fussy when it’s feeding time. Don’t hesitate to take several time-outs to ensure your baby is well-fed and rock them back to sleep before continuing. 

The Takeaway 

The memories of the first few days after a child’s birth eventually fade away. The loveable baby smell, their wrinkled skin, and how their touch made you feel will become foggy. Baby photography is a fantastic way to capture your angelic face and skin and refresh your memory for the rest of your life. 

If it’s the first time, then a parent’s head is full of questions about the outfits and the best time to take your newborn photos. With some planning, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable newborn photography experience. 

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