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Advice for New Moms – 12 Things You Should Know!

by | Motherhood

Bidding farewell to those carefree days and embracing motherhood is a life-changing experience. While this phase of life can be exciting, it comes with its fair share of responsibilities. It goes without saying that the blend of emotional, physical, and hormonal changes can be a rollercoaster for new moms.

Juggling your sanity with catering to the baby’s needs will require every piece of advice you can get. To save time, we have listed 12 proven nuggets of wisdom that worked like magic for all moms and dads.

How does it feel to be a New Mom?

“Becoming a new mom is the most fulfilling part of a woman’s life,” but that’s only one aspect of a huge life transition. If you’re unsure what to expect, add a ton of tears to the list. Your mood could range from the pits of complete exhaustion to utter bliss in seconds. The experience of every mom differs from one another. However, having intrusive thoughts is universal for all.

New mothers do not have the slightest idea about what to expect, they constantly worry about their actions putting the child in harm’s way. Amidst all the negative emotions, happiness finds its way into the mix. It may trigger a few screams into the pillow now and then, but you wouldn’t trade the joy of motherhood for the world.

Words of Advice for a New Mom

Have an overwhelming urge to want your old life back? On the verge of a breakdown overlooking all the mom duties that await you? All of these thoughts may be shameful to you, but the truth is that they’re normal. When you transition to the mom world, you mourn a little death of your old life.

A surge of hormonal highs and lows may make you giddy one second and moody the next. This phenomenon is so common that it has a phrase reserved for it called “Baby blues.” If you find yourself struggling, take it from experienced mothers, it gets better. These unwanted thoughts usually go away within two to three weeks of giving birth. However, if they persist for longer, it’s best to visit a doctor.

12 Pieces of Advice for New Moms

Those nine months of endless back pains and the daunting labor experience are only the start. The real work begins after bringing your bundle of joy to this world. Here is a bunch of first-time mom advice to help you find your groove at parenting.

Breastfeeding is the Way to Go

Nursing provides the baby with useful substances to combat various infections, allergies, and sicknesses. If we’re talking long-term benefits for both child and mother, breastfeeding has you covered. It protects your little one from developing obesity and diabetes later in life.

It takes a Village

Of all the things to worry about post-partum, your healing is on the top of the list. Mothers are often labeled superwomen, but many ladies drive themselves insane living up to that title. Don’t be afraid to let someone you trust take over when it gets too much to handle. Remember, your mental and physical health is just as important.

Don’t Let the Baby Fall Asleep While Feeding

In the initial days of life, all that newborns do is sleep. A sleepy baby is a sight for sore eyes, but the feeding process slows down when they get sleepy at the breast. There are many ways to keep your baby awake and finish eating quickly. Switching sides or stroking their cheeks or toes should do the trick.

Trust Your Mom Guts

Only moms can decode everything their babies can’t communicate. If you’re a new mom, chances are you look for advice in every direction, from doctors to search engines. Why not change things and trust your inner voice and subconscious? Mothers are geared with the superpowers of mom instincts, which are always correct.

Encourage Daddy Baby Bonding

It’s natural to want to cling to your little bundle of joy at all times. However, if your partner is all in, let him take charge of diaper changing, reading, and exercising. They may not do these tasks the way you prefer, but at least you’ll get a much-needed breather.

Set Up Small Tradition from Now

Growing up and getting busy with their own lives is inevitable. No matter how bittersweet that sounds, it’s a fact that all parents have to digest. Cherish the present by finding excuses to celebrate minor accomplishments. An ice cream treats on the child’s birthday, decorating the Christmas tree, movie nights. It will instill a sense of belonging and family value in your child.

Avoid Comparing your Parenting Trajectory with Others

Social media may sometimes portray the wrong image of being a parent. Effortless pregnancy, Spic-span homes, losing baby weight immediately after delivery. These can cause most parents to feel like a failure. It’s important to remind yourself that nobody shares the ugly side on their picture-perfect timelines. Social media is a façade. Comparing your progress based on it is like comparing it to something that doesn’t exist.

Find Some Me Time amidst the Havoc

The mantra “I come first” changes to “my baby’s needs come first” quickly post-partum. Obsessing over doing everything suitable for the child won’t work out in your favor. You can’t pour from an empty. That’s why stealing a few minutes to shower, watch a movie, or go to the salon will instantly give you an energy boost.

Invest in the Right Baby Gear

The marketplace is flooded with adorable kids’ items claiming to make life easier. According to most mothers, the reality is that you only need a tiny bit of it. It can be incredibly tempting to throw extra bucks at designer clothes, dresses, accessories, etc. However, most of the time, these turn out to be uncomfortable for the baby. Instead, purchase cozy clothing and essentials like a baby carrier.

Find a Support Crew

One of the most common struggles for first-time moms is suffering in silence. The combination of stress and physical and emotional changes is not an easy adjustment. Hence, post-partum depression is a real thing. Not all can genuinely understand what you’re going through. Finding a listening ear in individuals with similar experiences will highly help.

Don’t Shy Away from Saying NO!

Accepting wisdom from family and friends is good as long as it stays within the boundaries of your parenting style. When you find yourself surrounded by helpers giving their two cents on everything, it’s time to decline their opinions politely.

Reserve a Reading Slot before Bedtime

From Santa Clause to the tooth fairy, including a hint of fantasy enhances the child’s imagination. Another way to achieve that is through reading. If your child develops a healthy relationship with books from an early age, they can serve as a replacement for screens. 

What’s the Best Parenting Advice?

Children learn by watching their elders from a very young age. The best parenting advice is to be mindful that you’re being watched by your kid 24/7. Before lashing out at the barista for messing up the coffee you ordered in the presence of your newborn, take a deep breath. Ask yourself how you want your child to react when she’s frustrated.

Applying violent means to discipline your baby is never the answer. Instead, your behavior should model positive alternatives to deal with difficult situations. However, parenting is never linear. There will be days when you lose your cool. Instead of beating yourself up for it, own up to your mistakes. Don’t hesitate to apologize to your kid if you expect them to treat others with tolerance, kindness, and affection.

What New Parents Need Most?

If you wish to extend a helping hand to a brand new parent, there’s no better way to do it than gifting them an item that they absolutely need. The suggestions below are taken from items that make it to every new parent’s registry:

  • Baby Food Maker
  • Gift Cards from restaurants
  • A Baby Book
  • Nursing Cover
  • A blanket with a personalized message for the newborn
  • Diapers
  • A comfortable baby sling
  • A bassinet

How Do You Comfort a New Mom?

Your most minor act of kindness will be a big deal for a new mom. Over here, we have gathered numerous suggestions of the assistance you can offer to comfort a vulnerable mother:

  • Offer to take their pet on walks or take it to your home for a few weeks.
  • She may have already received enough baby shower gifts. Give her a present that reminds her that she’s equally important.
  • While making a run to the grocery store, text her to ask if she needs anything.
  • Keep reminding her that it’s okay to feel miserable.
  • If she looks tired, offer to handle the baby.

What Are Encouraging Words?

Even the person who always makes others laugh experiences days where they are depressed, anxious, and overburdened. Your words are the most powerful asset you own that makes or breaks another individual. Why not use them positively and spread some extra encouragement around when others need it? Choosing the right encouraging words for new parents will assist them in bouncing back from the pits of depression and boost their confidence.

What to Say to Encourage a Mother?

In the quest to put their child’s needs above everything else, most mamas lose their sense of well-being. We’re all familiar with the saying, “When the mom is happy, the entire house is happy.” What do you do to get a lonely, depressed, discouraged mother in the right frame of mind? Offer some words of encouragement like the ones below:

  • You’re giving your 100% at parenting.
  • If you ask for my expert opinion, I think you’re nailing being a mother.
  • I learn so much about how to be a good mother from watching you. You’re truly an inspiration to me.
  • Your children have you as a role model. There’s no more incredible blessing they can have.
  • One day all of this hard work will pay off.

How Do You Encourage New Parents?

When it comes to significant life adjustments after welcoming a newborn, daddies are also not far behind. Here are a few ideas you can apply to uplift the spirits of the couple:

  • Surprise them with a tasty homemade meal.
  • Fewer words, more action. Don’t ask to rock the baby to sleep or feed him. Instead, do it.
  • When you visit them, don’t just sit there waiting to be entertained. Grab a mop and begin cleaning, do laundry or offer help in any way you can.
  • Force them to sleep while you take over all baby duties. They’ll wake up feeling like a new person.

What are 3 Pieces of Advice You Would Give First Time Parents?

The art of parenting is subjective. What may come easy to you can be unimaginable for others. The only way to discover your parenting skillset is by going through with the act. The pieces of wisdom below cover the barebones of parenting to prepare nervous new parents.

Handle With Care

Those tiny limbs and fragile bodies aren’t something people are accustomed to handling. Newborns have an increased risk of infection. That’s why applying a sanitizer or washing hands is recommended before holding them. Moreover, it takes time for a newborn’s neck muscles to strengthen. Always be sure to support their neck and head while carrying them.

The Basics of Bonding

Start your bonding by cuddling your infant and giving him gentle strokes in various patterns. You can also benefit from being “skin-to-skin” by cradling or nursing your infant in contact with your body. Newborns respond to sounds. When they burst into tears, singing, reading, playing music, or baby rattles could be soothing for them.

Do Diaper Duty Right

Baby diapers will need to be changed about a dozen times a day. Make this process less painful by having the supplies you need within reach. To do it right, lay your infant on his back and remove the soiled diaper. To clean your baby’s genital area, use water, cloth, baby wipes, and cotton balls.

First Time Mom Checklist

As mentioned earlier, most parents get a little carried away while shopping. As a result, they end up surrounded by too many unnecessary newborn items and not enough of the essentials. We have a list of all the baby supplies that are absolutely important to have before your baby makes its debut.

  • Swaddle blankets
  • Baby monitor
  • Feeding bottles
  • Breast Pump
  • Crib
  • Baby cleanser
  • Binkies (buy six at least)
  • Diapers (two boxes are good)
  • Car seat
  • Baby Wipes
  • Washcloths
  • Breast pads
  • Stroller
  • Storage Bags for Milk
  • Nail clippers

What New Moms Should Hear?

The stages of motherhood begin with sleep deprivation, tears, and the question, “How will I get through this?” The outcome, however, is incredibly glorious and rewarding. In those initial days, what a mom needs is a network of friends who know the right words to say to make her feel better. Sometimes, even the closest family and friends run out of ideas about what to say. We have compiled things all moms should hear.

What Do You Say to a New Mom?

The most powerful asset you own is your words. While visiting a first-time mom, the impact of your words gets multiplied ten folds. The selection of your words can either soothe the post-partum worries or add to them. Here are some helpful things to say that will convey a more profound message:

  • If anyone can excel at motherhood, it’s you. You were cut out for this role.
  • This is just the beginning of a lifetime of happiness.
  • My sweet wife and the mom of my beautiful child, I’m so grateful to have you in my life. I promise to be your support system throughout this new phase of our lives.
  • I’m aware that you must be as anxious as you are overjoyed. Here’s a secret: it does get better!
  • “I’m so proud of you.” You’re truly an inspiration for new single moms all over the world. Please never second guess your ability to bring up the kid on your own.
  • I hope I’m not a lingerer. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you wish to have some time to yourself. I promise I won’t mind.

What to Say to a New Mom Who is Struggling?

Scientists claim that 1 in 5 women encounter post-partum depression after delivering a baby. For mothers, this feels like the end of the world and something they’ll never be able to overcome. It’s the job of those she trusts to say the following things to build her courage.

  • All your child needs are necessities, like food, water, and sleep. You’re not a bad mom if you’re giving him all those.
  • I know it’s tough to adjust to your new body after giving birth. Focus on the fact that you’re doing excellent as a mama.
  • You’re not alone in this journey. Join a support group or talk to a professional experienced in post-partum depression.
  • Let’s talk about how you feel. Pouring out your heart will definitely make you feel lighter.

What Do You Say to First Time Parents?

While delivering your best wishes to new parents, a lot is at stake. Be sure to say words that make their day, not haunt them for the rest of their lives. These ideas work wonders in lightening the burden of new parents:

  • Steal a few moments when the baby is asleep for some time with hubby. If a date at a fancy restaurant sounds like a far-fetched idea, enjoy a nice takeout at home.
  • I know you must be anxious but remember, time passes by quickly. Don’t rush through this stage of life; instead, enjoy every bit of it.
  • In the beginning, breastfeeding will be painful. Once you get the hang of it, it gets better. The outcome of nursing will be so fruitful.
  • Feeling guilty after the baby makes its grand entrance is normal. You may feel guilty about being a bad friend, wife, or mom. Don’t overthink it. Let it go.

What Do You Write for New Parents Advice?

That good friend you went to school with or a close family member has finally been blessed with the miracle of a newborn. Isn’t it the most beautiful feeling ever? You may want to shower them with words of wisdom with a personalized new baby card. In the drive to craft the perfect thoughtful message for new parents, you may be at a loss for words and ask yourself, “What do I write?” Here are a few general tips:

  • Congratulations on your new daughter! I can’t wait for the day when she grows up to become a boss lady!
  • I hope the arrival of your son brings genuine happiness and prosperity to your lives. Many congrats!
  • So happy to hear to news of the birth of your little one. I do not doubt that the pair of you will make the best parents ever.
  • Congrats on the addition of your little bundle of joy. I can’t wait to be her favorite uncle/aunt. Give me a call if you ever need my free babysitting services.

Advice for New Mom to Be Never

With the treasure trove of unsolicited advice coming your way from every angle, it’s essential to know which ones to follow and disregard. Below are some common misconceptions about how motherhood should be and what you should never do as a new mother.

  • Never listen to the advice “Don’t hold your baby too much.” No scientific data supports this myth.
  • Never be embarrassed to take the shortcut. Mom duty will keep you on your toes 24/7. Call in a cleaning service or take a takeout instead of overworking yourself.
  • Never argue with a toddler. Instead, take a different approach. Try to understand the situation from their point of view.


Parenting is like playing a new game, except the difficulty level is times 1000. It will always have its ups and downs. The only way new moms can prepare for this emotional rollercoaster ride is by knowing what to expect.

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