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Best Baby Wise Newborn Schedule – You Must Follow!

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Nothing can replace the excitement of taking your newborn in your hands for the very first time! The addition of a newborn to your family must be the best thing that happened in your life, and if it’s your first child, your happiness will know no bounds. Even you will find it difficult to summarize your feelings in words.

Motherhood brings excitement, happiness, and a sense of responsibility at the same time. How to take care of my baby ideally? How to be the best mother for my newborn? How to maintain the sleep and eat cycle? These are the questions that every newborn’s mother thinks of. 

Do you have such questions in your mind? If yes, you have got to the right place! In this article, you will explore the best baby wise newborn schedule to help you maintain your baby’s sleep and eat cycle. Not only this, but we will also discuss how to make your baby sleep peacefully overnight.

Baby Wise Sample Schedule for Baby’s First Month

The first month of the baby is the least sorted one. It is because, in the first month, you are more toward setting your and your family’s new routine with the new addition. At first, you may find things tricky and confusing sometimes, but by the time you have set the proper baby wise infant schedule, things will get easier. 

A baby’s first 3 to 4 months in the world are mainly spent sleeping. Most of the babies spend 16 hours per day sleeping, and this sleep is much necessary for their health. You must ensure no disturbance when your infant sleeps and follow a balanced babywise feeding schedule. Let’s get to know about the baby wise sample schedule for the first two weeks! 

Baby Wise Newborn Schedule Week 1 – 2

Have you given birth to a newborn recently? If yes, you have got to the right place! Here is how you can perfectly manage the babywise infant schedule. 

Your babywise nap schedule, sleep routine, and feeding times must be assembled in a perfect baby wise newborn schedule by splitting the day into several parts. You can divide these parts further to make following the plan easier. 

Babywise Schedules for Morning 

Why not start from the first day? Start your baby’s day in the early morning to develop the habit from the first week. Your babywise schedule for the morning must start around 7 am, wake up your baby for feeding and diaper change. 

The next wake-up time must be around 10 am to ensure the hygienic care of the baby and to meet their feeding needs better. In the first week, you must prefer breastfeeding instead of bottle-feeding because no artificial milk can replace the nutrition power of breast milk. 

Sample Babywise Schedule for Afternoon

Let your baby sleep for a while longer, this time without disturbing and wake up at 2 pm to feed and change the diaper. Let your baby live a diaper-free life for some time. When using diapers, you must make sure the preventive measures to avoid the rash.

Feed your baby and let him sleep again. Feeding, sleeping, waking up, and getting cleaned; are the only things newborns are interested in during their first two weeks in the world. How stress-free life babies enjoy! After around 5 pm, repeat the three processes. 

Babywise Sample Schedule for Evening

The next waking up and feeding time is in the evening at around 8 pm. This is the best time to start the baby’s bedtime routine. Always let your baby sleep in the bed to make it their comfort space. 

Wake time must be of short span, just feed your infant, ensure cleaning by changing the diaper, if required, and let sleep. In the first two weeks, babies perfectly follow the quote; “Eat, Sleep, and Repeat!” It’s the baby’s  life summary. 

Babywise Routine for Night 

Set an early bed routine for babies from the very beginning. Start your baby’s bedtime routine around 8 pm, let your baby wake up on their own, and don’t disturb this time; otherwise, you will end with a crying baby overnight. 

If your baby wakes up, it may be because they are hungry. Feed them yourself or let the nurse do so. It is usually preferred not to let the baby sleep for continuous 4 hours at night in the first four weeks of their life. Strictly follow this babywise routine. You may wake them up at midnight (around 1-2 am) and feed them as needed.

Babywise Sample Schedule for Pre-Morning

Understanding your baby’s needs is much necessary. You can bring changes to this schedule according to your baby’s preferences. Not all the babies are the same; their overall activities match, but expecting every baby to behave the same is unnecessary.

In the pre-morning baby wise schedule, at around 4 pm, change your baby’s diaper if required. Always prefer using diapers with fewer leakage chances, and apply baby lotion and powder after cleaning to eliminate the chances of rash. Now, get to know about; how to make your infant follow all this schedule?

How to Get a Newborn on a Schedule?

If you want to get your baby on a schedule, you may have to make different changes to the newborn schedule sample detailed earlier, depending on your baby’s preferences. You must keep the following things in mind for getting a newborn on schedule.

Understand Your Baby’s Preferences

As a mother, your very first duty is understanding what your infant demands. You may find it tricky if you are a first-time parent, but things will get easier than your experience will grow up with your baby. 

To summarize, the first two months, your baby will require 16 to 18 hours of sleep and will feed after every 2 to 3 hours. Babies are unaware of the day and night difference, so you will find them sleeping regardless of the time. As they grow up, their babywise routine will change according to their needs. 

Let Your Baby Sleep in Bed

Don’t let your baby sleep in your hands, as it will end you up with a struggle that you can’t get rid of later, as your baby will get used to it. That’s why it’s preferred to put your drowsy baby in bed and let them sleep there. This will make your baby somehow aware of their sleeping place.

This practice can also save you from getting up and cuddling your baby at night to make them sleepy again, as your newborn will develop the habit of soothing on their own. If your infant is having trouble sleeping, try moving the bedtime earlier, as too much tiredness can lead to the inability to sleep in babies.

Help Your Baby Sleep Quicker and Peacefully 

Is your newborn having difficulty sleeping? Here is how you can help your baby sleep quicker and peacefully. 

It’s Time for Rocking and Lullaby!

Children stay awake due to the increased level o hormone; cortisol. To make your baby fall asleep, you have to decrease the level of this hormone, which can only be done by relaxing the senses. The most widely used typical way of relaxing babies is singing a lullaby for them while rocking. These techniques have been used for years; even from when people didn’t even know what hormones are? 

Other ways to relax babies include; gentle massage, soothing rhythmic motion like swinging, dimmed lights, and soft music. All will help your baby fall asleep easily. If you are feeding your newborn, and you find them sleepy, stop feeding instead of stopping after they have fallen asleep.

Trigger Tiredness

Another way to improve newborns’ sleep schedules is to trigger tiredness in them. The best is to make your baby follow a sleep, wake schedule. You can refer to the schedule described earlier or make one of yours, understanding your baby’s preferences. 

If your baby is always finding it hard to fall asleep, try mending his morning and afternoon sleep times. Gradually moving them earlier will better help your baby sleep. Most parents have claimed that riding a car induced sleep in their babies. 

Avoid Doing These

Here are some key mistakes you must avoid, ensuring better sleep for your newborn. 

Don’t Sleep While Holding the Baby

Never sleep while holding the baby, as most exhausted parents have done so, and when they wake up, they find their baby lying over them in a dangerous position. This can be fatal for your baby. Instead, lay them on the bed as at least crying in bed is not deadly for them.

The other reason is that babies must sleep on a plain and smooth surface to enjoy the best sleep experience; otherwise, your baby will get up after every few hours at night, making you all tired and exhausted.

Don’t Keep Your Baby Awake in the Day

It’s a popular myth that babies will find it difficult to fall asleep at night if they will sleep during the day. This myth has no scientific base; instead, it will stress your baby, making it even harder to sleep. Don’t ever believe this myth, as your belief will make your newborn suffer. 

It is preferred to stick to a newborn sleep feed schedule and try different techniques of getting newborns on schedule, as detailed earlier. Make amendments if needed, but don’t stress out your baby and yourself by keeping them awake all day, as babies require sleep every few hours to maintain good health.

Don’t Give Cereal 

Some people give their babies cereal in bottles at night while misunderstanding that this will make their belly full, helping them sleep overnight. No, it’s not like that! You must not add cereal to a newborn night feeding schedule, as it will make them restless and disturb them at night due to gas pain.

Don’t feed your newborn anything except breast milk or formula milk till your baby turns six months old or a bit older, i.e., the age when they are able to eat with a spoon. If you try to feed such things earlier, they will end up with gas problems, restlessness, and sleepless nights.

Concluding Thoughts

Babies are more likely to sleep long hours during the first few months. In the first 3-4 weeks, babies sleep for 2 to 2.5 hours, 6 to 8 times per day. Some babies wake up on their own at night when they need to feed; however, for some, you have to set the track by following alarms after every 5 hours. 

In this article, you will find the best newborn sleep feed schedule that most mothers have found suitable for their babies. Follow this baby wise life schedule to ensure your infant’s proper sleep, feeding, and hygiene. Making a few changes is sometimes mandatory to help your infant set in routine easily. 

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