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How to Ensure Baby’s Good Health? – A Guide to be a Pro Parent

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Even if you fear you do not do anything about your newborn baby, do not worry! After new weeks you will start understanding your baby. You will be able to understand if it is a normal cry or if the baby is crying due to some pain or usual cry.

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A healthy baby does not mean that he will always smile, but it is about acting normal. Even after a month or two, if you are confused about whether your baby is optimally developing and growing or not, you are at the right place. This guide aims to provide you with a new parents’ guide, a newborn timeline, and signs of a healthy baby. Let’s explore!

Get Help from The Experienced Parents Around You

As newborn arrival is an overwhelming yet stressful period, at this point, you take help by experience. Communicate with the professionals or healthcare providers dealing with you in the hospital.

Many hospitals hire experienced lactation consultants or feeding specialists to assist patients in starting to breast or bottle feed.

The nurses at the hospital can also help understand how to carry a baby, change their clothes, burp, and how to take exceptional care of their baby. They are excellent means to get guidance for proper baby handling.

Your healthcare providers or the hospital can also guide you to health agencies offering services at home and assist you in looking for information about infant care and guidance at home. Family and friends frequently wish to assist as well.

How to Handle a Newborn

The delicacy and tenderness of babies can be terrifying in case you haven’t got to spend a lot of time near them. Observe the following fundamentals:

  • Provide the infant with head and neck support. When you are holding your baby, support the baby’s head while supporting it. When you are laying your baby down, carefully cradle the neck as well as the head.

  • Before touching your child, wash or sterilize your hands with sanitizer. Your baby lacks a strong immune system, making it vulnerable to germ and bacteria attacks.

  • Do not shake your baby under any condition, whether you are angry or playing with them. A Baby’s brain nerves can hemorrhage and possibly result in sudden infant death syndrome. Apparently, no reason is visible, but shaking can be a potential cause. If you need to wake your baby, tickle them instead of shaking them.

  • Car seats, strollers, and carriers should be buckled up to keep your child safe. Activity that is rough or includes violent bouncing should not be practiced.

Healthy Baby Development Timeline

Healthy pregnancy results in healthy baby. Here is the timeline of the baby’s growth in particular life span. With time, the baby will grow and show different signs of optimal development, which include:


In the first two months, you may have seen lots of tears and have done round-the-clock soothing on sleepless nights. After two months, you will get your reward in the form of cute and often smiling faces. Around two months of age, healthy babies start smiling in response to you.


If the continuous weeping sound of the baby has kept you on edge. Fortunately, by the age of 4 months, you will be able to experience his loud laughs in your home. The best part of this age is that babies laugh very easily.

Sleep All Night

It is a big milestone. A full night’s sleep is always a dream for new parent. By the age of 4 to 6 months, most babies start sleeping throughout the night without waking up and need to feed.


If your baby has grown to 8 months, you will have to keep your gym membership on hold because your baby is going to make you do plenty of exercises. Within nine months, the baby will start crawling with the support of both hands.

Eats Finger Food


With time, spoon-feeding loses its luster; at this time, babies begin to feed themselves. Between the age of 9 to 12 months, infants develop better hold over their limbs. So, they start grabbing and putting into their mouths whatever they get.


When the baby is about one year old, he will start standing without support. A healthy baby can also take a few steps while holding the furniture.

Take a Step

It is a huge milestone that babies achieve by the age of 10 to 17 months. It is the movement that every person finds anticipating. However, all babies do not start walking by their first birthday, but sooner or a bit later, a healthy baby will.

Says a Word

What else is more joyful other than hearing your baby calling you? By this time of one year, most babies become eligible to utter a few words clearly.

8 Signs of a Healthy Newborns

Every baby has a different timeline, but every baby has the same signs of being healthy. Here we have mentioned some common signs of a healthy baby to vanish your stress about baby development.

Baby Calms at your Touch and Sound

Newborn babies cry a lot as it is their only means of communicating needs, but your voice can turn off the tears as it has been a soundtrack for them when they were in your womb. So your voice should be a pleasant distraction to turn off the tears.

When your presence calms your child, it is a sign that they are developing emotionally with you.

Requires 8 to 10 times Diaper Change and Gaining Weight

If your baby gets enough milk, it will stay healthy and develop optimally. It is important to keep your baby visiting the baby’s doctor to check if he or she is growing healthy or not, but you can take the wet diapers as a sign as well. You need to trust these indicators instead of worrying about the extent of the meal they are consuming.

Baby is Quiet and Attentive

During the first few weeks or months of birth, the babies are all about crying and sleeping. When infants grow quiet and alert, they observe their surroundings and other things around them. This is an optimal sign of a baby’s mental development.

Baby Responds to New Sounds

When babies are able to hear and respond to sounds, it implies that their hearing is developing, and their brains can notice and detect sounds. Babies are not deaf from birth; they can hear. However, it takes them a few weeks or months to understand and respond to it.

They Look at Patterns and Colors

You can show the baby different shapes, colors, and movements. If they respond to their movement or smile by seeing some colors or reacting according to shapes, it means their eyesight is sharpening, and the brain is actually developing. You might not know, but surroundings already have many triggers, such as fans, lights, and many more things that make the baby react.

They make Eye Contact, Smile, and Flirt

The true moment of first eye contact with the baby comes around when they are one month or a few weeks old. You can see their first smile at two months and laughing at three months. When you see this, it means your baby is becoming more social and becoming a happy creature.

They Cry Little lass and Sleep More

In the first few months, the babies keep their parents on their toes with sleepless nights and timeless cries. When the babies start looking for long naps and the feeding time stretches to four or more hours, it indicates that your baby’s nervous system is maturing.

Support his or her Weight

It is a huge milestone that shows that your baby is growing physically. Many babies become eligible to hold their heads up briefly by the age of 1 month, while others can take more time. By the age of 3 months, they can move their arm and start to support their own weight. It shows that the mini muscles and bones are growing stronger.


Babies are like a mystery that you can solve with different indicators. If the babies are unhealthy, they will definitely show sometime, but if you want to know if they are growing healthy or not, you may have to monitor their responses. With their response, you can better understand infant health.

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