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Poop Chart Baby Edition: The Ultimate Guide

by | Newborn

Baby poop is something you must be ready to deal with since you know you are pregnant. Do you know how varied the content of your little one’s diaper can be? It can be runny, firm, green, yellow, or black, and even mucus can sometimes be a part of it.

baby poop color chart

Diaper change is a regular part of daily life as a parent, but remember that it can tell a lot about the baby’s health and overall well-being of the baby. The color of poop changes day by day, but there is a wide range of colors indicating healthy issues.

Fortunately, here we present to you a valuable and effective baby poop chart. Read till the end to know what the color of your baby’s poop means.

What is Normal Poop?

As you know, there is a wide range of colors indicating different conditions, but you may be wondering what healthy baby poop should look like. It is a fair question due to the changing consistency and color of poop over time according to the condition as well as the eating pattern of the baby.

Here is a guide that tells you what to expect for my baby’s diaper in the first few days and weeks.


It is a dark, sticky, thick excretion, which you will see on the diaper. Meconium contains a gooey, tar-like, dark-green substance with no smell. This is a different kind of excretion made up of elements like mucus, skin cells, lanugo hairs, and other particles that the baby consumed with amniotic fluid when he was still in the womb.

Poop Chart baby

It is a short process. The baby will take a few days to eliminate the meconium from their system. After a few days, the meconium will turn into regular poop. The color will change. From being almost black, it will become yellowish and greenish. You need to contact the healthcare provider if the baby is not showing bowel movements for more than a day.

Regular Baby Poop

Once the meconium is completely out of the system, their poop will change depending on their eating. Here is what you can witness in your baby’s diaper

Breastfed babies: If you are breastfeeding your baby, their poop in the first few months may look like mustard with a runny consistency and whitish seed particles. However, a little bit of mucus is normal in breastfed baby poop. The color of excretion also varies according to the food. If the baby is eating greenish content like Spanish. You will see a green touch in the diaper.

poop chart baby

Formula-fed babies: conversely, if babies are living on the formula, their poop will have higher consistency as compared to breastfeeders. The formula fed baby poop chart baby edition will have more paste-like consistency and will have darker yellow and tan color.

Babies in the weaning stage: it is the stage at which the babies start consuming solid food, which is usually six months. At this time, you will start witnessing major changes in the poop of your baby. The poop will get firmer, and its smell and color vary greatly.

In case your baby is eating finger food, you will also see undigested food, which includes the skin of peas. It is because the baby’s digestive system is still getting stronger. The weaning period is also associated with when your baby’s stool start smelling.

What is the Color of Baby Poop?

For the new mother, the widely changing color and consistency are terrifying and worrisome. However, there is no need to get surprised by the changing color as it is a natural process. Initially, the poop is runny, but with time it becomes firmer when babies start consuming solid food.

biliary atresia poop

Here are some commonly seen colors in the baby’s poop.

Green Baby Poop

Normal baby poop is usually yellow, but green baby poop is not alarming as well. Initially, it may look weird, but there can be many reasons for this color. It can happen due to green leafy food, particularly medicines. Sometimes, it is a normal product of your baby’s healthy eating and digestion.

Usually, all earth tones, such as yellow and green, are fine, but if the color seems suspicious to you, make sure to call your pediatrician.

Yellow Baby Poop

After eliminating meconium from the system, you will see the stool changing from blackish to yellow by the end of the first week. Baby poop majorly contains bile from the liver, which mixes with food when it leaves the stomach without complete digestion.

In case you are still breastfeeding, your baby’s poop is likely to be watery, yellow, seedy, and can have a yeasty smell. It can remind the parent or guardian about cottage cheese.

Yellow-Brown Baby Poop

In case your baby is getting nourishment in the form of formula milk, their poop will transform color into yellow-green, tan, or maybe brownish for one or two weeks. This kind of poop is generally thick and looks somewhat like peanut butter.

This poop can smell like yeast due to fermented sugar in the formula milk, similar to the process which makes bread rise. The newborn getting both breast milk or formula have brown or dark yellow poop.

Brown Baby Poop

When the infant’s liquid diet shifts from liquid to solids, a wide range of healthy bacteria over rush the intestine and contribute to brownish and smellier poop. According to your baby’s diet, the stool can be red, green, orange, blue, or yellow. The baby’s bowel movements can also have some undigested chunks of food as the baby’s digestive system is still weak.

Watery Green-Brown Baby Poop

newborn poop chart

When the baby releases green, yellow, and brown poop with high water consistency, it is considered diarrhea. It is caused by viral infections, parasites, food intolerance, and some antibiotics. Babies dealing with diarrhea have a high risk of dehydration, so you must monitor them properly and feed the baby accordingly.

Also, remember that the mucous in the baby’s poop can also mimic diarrhea as the mixed mucus can also give stool brown, green and yellowish color. The presence of mucus in bowel movement is not threatening because it happens due to excessive swallowing of saliva and due to infection.

Harder Dark Brown Baby Poop

It can be a condition that parents need to take seriously. Babies dealing with constipation are likely to produce dark brown and black poop. In this condition, the poop is usually thick and hard. It looks similar to marbles and small pellets. It happens when the liquid and fluids are not absorbed properly, usually from milk protein.

Bright Green Baby Poop

baby poop color wheel

When the babies are eliminating bright green poop, it indicates that food is moving rapidly through the system. It can happen due to mild tummy bugs, and the poop looks like green bile is not completely broken down. In case your is releasing smelly gas with bright green poop, it is because they are drinking too quickly, either from the bottle or the breast. If you want, you can also take suggestions from healthcare providers to cope with these conditions.

Red Baby Poop

Is your baby releasing red poop? It is due to the specks of undigested blood from a milk allergy. Rectal fissure, intestinal infection occurring due to constipation.

The reddish poop can also appear when your baby intake nipple blood during breastfeeding or from dark food. Red is an alarming color, so it is better to consult the doctor and make suggestions.

Dark Red or Black Baby Poop

baby poop color wheel

According to the doctor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, parents should immediately meet the doctor if their baby is releasing dark red and black poop. It is an unusual and alarming color. So it is always nice to be in contact with the doctor.

Gray or White Baby Poop

It is the rarest color that has been seen by doctors. It only appears in severe conditions such as liver problems. The white, chalky poop indicates liver defects known as biliary atresia. This condition occurs when the bile is not exiting the liver to the gallbladder.

If you see chalky and whitish poop. Do not delay, as it is a medical emergency. It is life-threatening, but it is curable if detected early. The sooner you contact the doctor, the sooner you will be cured with fewer complexities.

Orange Baby Poop

bile in poop

This color is almost similar to red poop. This color is also considered normal poop as it is associated with something your baby has eaten. The food can include vegetables and fruit with beta-carotene.

Carotene is a plant pigment that gives many fruits and vegetables the orange hue, which is visible in potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, and sweet potatoes. As it reaches the poop of your baby, it turns orange.

There can also be some underlying cause of orange poop, and it is medication. Some antibiotics, as well as antacids, are loaded with ingredients such as hydroxide and aluminum, which turn normal poop into orange color.

Mucus in Baby Poop

If your baby is releasing mucus in the poop, do not worry. It is a normal condition. As you know, mucus in baby poop is usually harmless and normal. The first bowel movement of a baby, known as meconium, always has it.

infant stool chart

Moreover, it is normal to see the baby releasing mucus as they grow up. They try different foods and a wide range of foods, so it is normal to have minimum quantities. The mucus in the poop of the baby is generally translucent and has a bit of a milky color.

Remember that always normal quantity is overlookable. If the mucus in the baby’s poop is combined with other potential symptoms, it can be an indication of infection or digestive problems. The symptoms to monitor with mucus excretion include diarrhea, loss of appetite, blood in the poop, vomiting, and weakness. In case you witness any of the symptoms along with mucus, make sure to consult the doctor and clear the position.


Regarding the color of poop, the list is longer than your expectations. Some colors are quotes expected and normal such as yellow, green, and everything from yellow and brows. However, some colors are legit warning signs, such as red, black, gray, and white black.

In most cases, the red color and intense dark green baby poop can be the result of the food the baby is eating. Apart from the mucus also plays a good role in changing color. The presence or occurrence of mucus in the baby’s poop is normal, but remember to keep an eye on the other potential and threatening signs. In this case, you need to consult your doctor and take the necessary measures.

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