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Teenage Pregnancy: Is it a Good Idea to Have a Baby in Teenage?

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Pregnancy news brings lots of happiness and an overflow of emotions. However, people still feel many things when they hear their teenage child is going to become a parent. It is also shocking for the teenager because becoming a parent is a responsible task.

Teen parents have to face several obstacles and, above all, health and societal pressure. Early pregnancy is likely to have fewer birth defects, but at the same time, it poses health risks to teenagers. Therefore, teenage pregnancy is considered a worldly issue that is raising concerns for all those who are worried about children and adolescent health.

What Is Teenage Pregnancy?

It is when a girl younger than 20 starts expecting. Teenage pregnancy is the term usually referring to woman between the age of 14 to 19, but this term is also used for girls under 14. Therefore, it is also known as adolescent pregnancy.

teenage pregnancy

Due to the lack of awareness about early pregnancy and how to handle it, a large number of young women get ill and sometimes die during pregnancy. For better handling and getting assistance to make decisions, it is necessary to know about early signs to figure out early. There are high risks regarding early expectations. It is not easy to handle at such a young age. Learning about pregnancy will assist you in preparing yourself for pregnancy and aiming for a happy and healthy life.

Teenage Pregnancy Symptoms

Adolescent pregnancy systems are similar to late pregnancy, but they are typical to understand. Missing menstrual periods is one of the most obvious symptoms, but it is hard to determine for young girls as the periods are not regular yet. It becomes even more challenging for the girls whose cycles are off due to exercise. Dieting. Low body fats etc.

To help you determine common and authentic symptoms, we have enlisted some situations.

    • Nausea and vomiting

    • Early morning sickness

    • Unusual mood swings feeling lightheaded

    • Sore nipples

    • Missed menstrual cycle

    • A sudden craving for certain food, especially spicy or sore food.

    • Unusual fatigue

    • Belly swelling

    • Weight gain

Getting a positive pregnancy test is another authentic sign of pregnancy. If you do not want to get tested, simple home pregnancy kits are also available whose test is also considered accurate.

Right Choices About an early or Teenage Pregnancy

In case of unplanned pregnancy, it is crucial to deal with it very carefully. Many teenage women do not feel like they are ready for it and prefer not to think about parenting. In this case, the pregnant teenagers have two options. Either they can carry on the pregnancy, leave the baby for adoption, or go for termination. All these options, like adoption, abortion, and termination, are on the table. Carefully think about it and make a certain decision.

All options have pros and cons associated with them. You can communicate with your family or healthcare provider about your concerns and ask for a better option. It is crucial to think about your little one, yourself, and the people around you who are going to be affected.

Parenting the baby in a Teenage

Like many women who prefer to abort the baby, many prefer to start a family. Those who like to parent a child should carefully formulate a plan to be ready for the baby’s arrival. It might seem like a bumpy ride, but being a good teen mom is not a bad idea. The challenges you can expect along the way can be solved with help and proper guidance.

    • Consider the following questions before making any decision:

    • Can your family help you to raise a baby? If they can, how much?

    • Where will you live?

    • Can you continue with your job, education, and whatever activities you are involved in?

    • How will you support your baby and yourself financially?

    • Do you have resources available within your community that help raise a baby, such as support groups or childcare?

    • Will your partner support you, or will you be a sole mother?

    • Do you qualify for food stamps?

    • Are there any financial assistance programs available for teen mothers?

These are all important questions to consider before planning a baby. Talk to your parents and trusted friends to get an answer. You can also consult a pregnancy educator. Third-person opinions help you understand what you want.


It is an optimal solution of unplanned teenage pregnancy. The teenage mothers who believe they cannot raise a baby or are not financially stable. Once again, at this point, the doctors or family may be able to give you better advice on adoption procedures.

teenage pregnancy us

There are a large number of program options available. However, the programs and facilities vary from country to country. A large number of couples are present who cannot conceive. You can let them adopt your baby. Imagine the joy and happiness the baby would bring to their life and the love the baby is going to receive.

Giving the baby up for adoption is not a mere matter of thinking about yourself. It is also about meeting the demands of someone else. Indeed, if you are leaving the baby due to a financial crisis or any other issue, it is a huge sacrifice that requires lots of courage but can be rewarding.


It should be the last option for pregnant teenage girls. Termination is considered equal to murder, so there are laws that vary from state to state. It is necessary for the guardian and parent to decide and sign termination papers. On the contrary, some states give the right to pregnant women the to decide on their own. Anyhow, you must consult a healthcare provider if you need some take. Make sure to ask them how much time you have to decide. While deciding on termination, you should consider the following questions.

    • Should I get parental consent?

    • How can this decision affect you in the future?

    • What process do you want to follow?

    • Do you have any moral as well as religious objections?

    • What are the risks associated with these kinds of procedures?

How to Maintain a Smooth Journey?

Teenage pregnant women need to be extra careful during and after the pregnancy. They are likely to give special concerns as they are growing and maturing. Moreover, their emotions can be mixed and fragile.

If you are pregnant or connected to someone who is pregnant, you may need to be extra careful. Communicate to your healthcare provider and ask them about staying healthy and managing stress.

It is tempting to get assistance or guide a teenage pregnancy but focus on your inner self, like what you want. Here are some suggestions that will help you stay fit in terms of sexual and reproductive health:

Healthy Eating

Whether you are a teenager pregnancy or an adult, healthy eating is important for you and your baby’s health. Good food supports optimal reproduction and growth of babies. It is also crucial to avoid particular food and drinks to avoid congenital defects.

If you do not know how to prepare food or sometimes feel down to get up and make food, ask someone around you for help for a few months. Gradually, you will learn cooking and be able to take your load.


It is possible that your infant may not be comfortable with the way their body looks and feels during pregnancy. Here is one thing you need to remember pregnancy is not the right time to try to lose weight. You should refrain from keto dieting and rigorous exercises as they can be dangerous to your health and the babies. For a healthy child, healthcare providers generally recommend to avoid:

Starting an intense exercise regimen.

    • Skipping meals.

    • Taking natural weight loss remedies that claim to be healthy for weight loss.

    • Consuming weight-loss supplements.

    • Even avoid nutritional supplements that claim to fulfill bodily requirements of nutrients.

Staying Active

Keep moving to keep your baby healthy and fit. Daily light exercises can help improve mood, fitness, and sleep, ease back pain and boost energy. With a healthy diet, mild physical activity during pregnancy can also reduce the weight gain possibility and the probability of developing diabetes. It also provides strength to the mother during the birth. It is better to ask a healthcare provider to assist with how much exercise is good during pregnancy.

Reducing Smoke and Alcohol consumption

Most things that a mother eats and drinks during pregnancy passes through the placenta and reaches her baby. Therefore, you need to stop drinking, smoking, and consuming non-prescribed drugs such as heroin, ice, etc. all of these substances are bad for a child’s health and the growth of the baby. If you are habitual of e-cigarettes, it is better to give up till delivery.

teenage pregnancy us

Go for a regular check-up and ask about the medicines you are taking. In case you are an anxiety or depression patient, show them the medicines you are using and get approval if you can continue. In case these medicines are harmful, they will give you alternatives.

Complications and Risks of a Teenage Pregnancy

Due to lack of care and seriousness during teenage pregnancy, you are likely to have medical risks such as:

Lack of Parental Care

Teenage pregnant mothers are at a high risk of not receiving optimal and right parental care. If they do not have the right support from their parents and family, the women can be misguided and fall victim to some experiments.

Parental care for a pregnant teen is necessary, especially in the first months. As the parents have gone through this procedure, they can better look for medical problems in both baby and mother and instantly deal with any arising complications.

High Blood Pressure

Expecting teens are vulnerable to hypertension. As teens are still minors, they are also at high risk of developing preeclampsia. It is a rare and dangerous condition that happens due to hypertension and excess protein in the urine.

This condition significantly affects the pregnant teen and requires immediate medical assistance to cope with symptoms. It can also disturb the optimal growth of the baby, which paves the path for further pregnancy complications.

Premature Birth

This is a condition that a teen mother may have to face in the initial days of the third trimester or later days of the 2nd trimester. In some cases, the labor that starts too early in pregnancy is cope-able by medication. On the other hand, the doctor needs immediate delivery in severe cases. A premature birth carries the risk of an underdeveloped baby, such as the baby may be born with the respiratory, cognitive, vision, or digestive problems.

Low-birth-weight Baby

Teen mothers are vulnerable to having a low-weight baby. Premature babies can be underweight than expected as they get minimum time in the womb for full growth. A lightweight baby can weigh only 2.5 to 5 pounds. On the other hand, an extremely low-weight baby may weigh lower than 3 pounds.


Young mothers who have sex during pregnancy are vulnerable to developing sexually transmitted diseases. Using a latex condom while having sex can help prevent STDs.

Postpartum Depression

Pregnancy at a young age is shocking and can affect mental abilities and health. Pregnant teens are at a high risk of depression after delivery. Women who feel depressed during or after pregnancy should communicate with their loved ones or the healthcare provider. Depression can interfere with your daily activities and good care of your child.

Risks to Teenage Boy

According to a survey, teen fathers are less likely to complete school as compared to teenage boys. It is because they stay worried about their responsibilities, partner, and child. Financial problems, educational challenges, and other stresses can affect mental and physical well-being. Therefore, it would be wrong to say that only teen mothers are affected by early pregnancy.

Feeling Alone and Isolated

Teens who are scared of their parents and cannot tell them they are pregnant feel scared, isolated, and alone. It is a real problem that requires attention. With family support and care from other adults, pregnant teens are likely to sleep, eat or exercise less.

They are starting to skip regular parental visits. Having at least one trusted and supportive adult by your side can also be of great help. They can provide the required mental and emotional support when a boy feels down.

Teenage Pregnancy Diagnosis

It is common to check if you are pregnant or not with a home test kit. They also give authentic results. The home pregnancy check test is known as human chorionic gonadotropin. It checks your hormonal level through your pee. If you need more clarification about the home test, you can also visit the doctor for a blood test. The benefit of confirming pregnancy through blood tests is that it can tell about the duration that has been passed, and it gives more authentic results.

Most states allow teens to get pregnant and make the decision if they want to keep the baby or not by themselves. Moreover, doctors are directed to keep confidential information of minors from their relatives, parents, and any person unless they have notice from the court.

How to Minimize Risk for Mother and Baby

Once you know you are pregnant, you need to make a decision if you want to keep the baby or not. Once you have decided, it is time to learn to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Consult a great Gynecologist

It is one of the best decisions to make. The gynecologist will arrange some parental visits as well as some pregnancy tests. Therefore, try to look for a good, experienced, and well-respected gynecologist who knows how to handle and avoid complications during teen pregnancy.

Improve your Daily Intake

A healthy life ensures a healthy life for you and your baby. The optimal diet during pregnancy makes sure that your infant develops at a healthy and expected rate. The nutrient diet decreases the risk of anemia and nutritional efficiency in mothers.

Your gynecologist can also be a good nutritionist and provide you with a chart of healthy food and a diet plan.

Take Multi-Vitamins or Essential Supplements

Nutritional supplements, as well as prenatal vitamins, are medicines that are specially designed for pregnant women. Regularly consuming these medicines ensures that a teenager gets all the essential nutrients and minerals she requires for the baby’s healthy development.

These medicines keep her and their baby healthy and help cope with risky complications of birth defects. Among all, folic acid supplements are considered the most useful medicine.

Exercise Often

Exercising daily or at regular intervals of time assists in strengthening the body and boosting stamina to be ready for delivery and labor before it. Daily movement may also assist in feeling prepared for bed every night so you can get a good sleep of 8 to 9 hours every night.

Refrain from Smoking, Alcohol, and Drugs

These are the health killer, and when you are carrying a baby in your bomb, it is equal to committing the death of a baby. All these substances are life-threatening for the infant in your womb. Therefore, quitting smoking, drugs, and drinking is crucial for a smooth delivery and pregnancy. Your doctors should offer additional support to women who are dealing with addiction.

Emotional Health During Teenage Pregnancy

Pregnancy puts a lot of stress on your body, both physically and mentally. Anyhow, it is crucial to take care of the mental well-being of expecting teens. When they know that labor, delivery, and parenthood are waiting for them and they decide to raise the baby, some people become happy and overwhelmed, and some feel depressed.

The stress, anxiety, and depression are not unusual, as their entire lives are about to change. With professional assistance and the advice of adults, parents can help cope with stress easily. Healthy communication with therapists helps teens to understand their situation and communicate their concerns in a safe environment.

If access to a psychologist is not possible, you can look for other elderly persons to help you with this stressful time. You can look elsewhere within the community. Every community has an experienced person that can guide you optimally.

Education During Pregnancy

Early pregnancy holds a high risk to the career of mothers. They may have to leave school in order to take care of their babies fully. In any case, it is important to complete education in any scenario. Otherwise, in later life, you will not be able to fulfill the requirements and needs of your baby.

In this scenario, you can take assistance from your school teachers or the school counselor to get to know which options are available for you. They can guide you on how you can continue or resume studies and if the facility of flexible classes, childcare, and extra tutoring is available or not.

If your school is availing of these facilities, it will be an excellent opportunity to leave the school and continue from home or right after delivery.

What Teenage pregnancy expects during a prenatal visit?

When you are pregnant, you will see doctors too many times. In the initial six months, you will have to visit the doctor every month once or twice. During the last trimester, you will have to visit the doctor every other week. These visits are essential and should be seriously followed to make sure that you are healthy and the baby is growing optimally.

At the doctor’s clinic, you will be weighed. He will check your blood pressure and may also measure the size of your stomach. With the development of the baby, the doctor will listen to its heartbeat and constantly check the position to avoid complications at the time of delivery.

The healthcare provider can also ask about your feelings, like how you feel and if you have any questions. Then they will make it clear to you what you can expect in the upcoming week.

It is better to pen down any query and concern you have so you can remember to ask them during your next visit. Ensure to talk openly to your doctor about your health, your baby’s condition, and other family concerns.

When do You Need to See the Doctor?

During pregnancy, prenatal visits are always scheduled. Anyhow if you feel any abnormality, you can visit the doctor right away. See the doctor immediately if you experience the following:

    • Chills or fever

    • Vaginal bleeding

    • Dimness or blurring of vision

    • Swelling and pain in your legs

    • Persistent vomiting

    • Abdominal pain

    • Severe or continuous headache

    • Pain and burning during urination.


Teenage pregnancy is getting more common because some people believe in starting a family early. Due to weakness, some teens might face complications, but if you take care of yourself, you will not have to face any complications.

Teens can safely deliver a healthy baby. However, there are possible health concerns about the mother and baby’s health. Anyway, some people are usually afraid of starting their parents’ lives and look for way of teenage pregnancy prevention. There are many methods available to help prevent pregnancy, such as birth control pills and other protections.

Whatever decision you make, ensure to visit the doctor regularly to deliver a healthy baby and avoid possible complications.


Is it possible for a teenager to have a healthy baby?

There is no doubt that teen moms can deliver a healthy baby, but they need to ensure to talk to the healthcare provider as soon as they get to know that they are expecting. Moreover, make sure to follow all schedules and appointments to keep track.

For delivering a healthy baby, proper care during your pregnancy is crucial to the health of the mother and baby. Drink and eat healthy food, do daily exercises, and stay in touch with your trustworthy friends.

There are many toxins, such as cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol, which can potentially hinder the journey. They can inversely impact baby growth and lead to premature delivery, low-weight babies, or sudden infant death. To avoid such scenarios, make sure you only have a healthy diet.

What are the options for teenagers who are pregnant?

Teenage pregnancy is shocking news for some people. After getting the news, they need to decide what they want and what they can do mutually. They have two options ahead. If they want to keep the baby, they can do it happily. On the contrary, if they cannot start parenting right now, they can either deliver the baby and leave for adoption or directly terminate it.

Teens usually have adoption, abortion, and termination option. If they decide to abort the baby, they will have to follow the country’s laws and policies.

How common is teenage pregnancy?

Pregnancy is common in people 19 years or older. A girl can get pregnant if she has vaginal sex with a man without protection. According to CDC, last year, around 195000 babies were delivered in America by girls between the age of 15 to 19. The teen birth rate is continuously increasing. It is even higher in other industrialized countries.

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