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26 Weeks Pregnant: A Guide to Baby’s Development

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In the 26th week, you will be rounding the corner of the second trimester and almost ready to enter the third. This is the time when your baby’s beautiful eyes may open in your womb. Moreover, according to symptoms, you may struggle more with insomnia and clumsiness as your tummy starts growing.

Pregnancy is terrifying for some women as they experience unacceptable body changes. However, if you know what to expect during pregnancy, the process becomes convenient. That is why we bring you a step by step guide on what happens inside your body, how the baby develops, and what to expect during this phase.

Mother’s Body at 26 Weeks Pregnant

Your second trimester is coming closer. You are two weeks away from entering the third trimester. The body, as well as the breast, are likely to grow more, so you will have to ensure you are wearing loose clothes comfortably. Moreover, try to wear a well-fitting as well as supportive bra having broad straps and generous coverage.

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The common stores or special shops stock a wide range of maternity bras and people to guide you to get a professional fitting bra according to your body. They will help you make sure you are getting about the size.

In the 26 weeks, you can also witness stretch marks on various parts of your body. These cannot be prevented, but they go away with time. In case you experience abdominal pain, leg cramps, consult your doctor. He may suggest you have an ultrasound to figure out the level of amniotic fluid present in your womb.

Pregnancy Symptoms During Week 26

In the later stage of the second trimester, such as in week 26, you can experience some of these symptoms:

Pelvic Pain

At this stage, ligaments in the lower back can loosen and become more stretched to prepare the body as baby arrives. Therefore, you can feel pain in your lower back, especially when you sit down on a chair or bed and stand up. Moreover, walking up and down the stairs can also trigger pain.

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If the pain becomes severe and unbearable, consult your doctor about pain management and relieve stress. He can recommend some exercise and stretching.

Braxton Hicks

Many pregnant women also experience pain due to a process known as practice contraction. The last weeks of the 4 to 6 months and third trimester is the time for these contractions to happen. These contractions are known as Braxton Hicks. In case you are confused between these contractions and real labor, you can contact the healthcare provider for guidance.


Headaches are quite common at the time of pregnancy. The hormones, vision change, low blood sugar, stress, posture, and dehydration are part of pregnancy that contribute to headaches. Healthcare providers recommend mostly acetaminophen, but ibuprofen and aspirin are also common in practice. If you are dealing with migraines, you are suggested to contact your healthcare provider.

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Severe headaches during pregnancy can be a sign of preeclampsia. It is a serious blood pressure problem. This condition can be life-threatening for both mother and baby if you do not treat it timely. So, do not ignore bad headaches if they are bad and severe.


Due to boosted progesterone levels, your digestive system slows down, causing mom-to-be’s to experience constipation during 26 weeks or more. The decreasing activity status, as well as expanding uterus, can contribute to unusual bowel baby’s movements.

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During this phase, constipation can be discomforting as it causes hemorrhoids and swollen blood vessels around the rectum. Topical hemorrhoid treatment is safe for conceiving women but consult with your doctor before taking medicines.

Preventive measures are best practices to avoid constipation. Therefore, stay hydrated by monitoring water intake. Increasing a high-fiber diet and regular exercise can also relieve constipation. The intake of a non-laxative stool softener is also helpful.

Stretch Marks

As the baby grows in your womb, so does your pregnant belly. Your skin keeps stretching fast to hold the baby. Therefore, you may start noticing stretch marks on different parts of the body.

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The extent of stretch marks varies from person to person and sometimes depends on genetics. There are a few remedies and medications to prevent or minimize stretch marks. So, refrain from expensive machines. The only thing which has shown effects in minimizing stretch marks is rapid and excessive weight gain.


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A minimal increase in blood pressure is expected in week 26. In case your healthcare provider witnesses an exceptional and harmful boost, they will start monitoring daily pressure. It happens when the systolic reading is above 140 mm Hg or the lower reading is around 90. This can be a symptom of preeclampsia. If it is left untreated and ignored, this condition will transform into pregnancy complications.

Your Baby In 26th Week

At this final stage of pregnancy, your baby will start getting a regular schedule. However, this factor can keep you awake for the entire night. Here is what happens in the 26th week with your baby.

Your Baby’s Lungs

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The baby starts to smell. He has developed the ability to inhale and exhale a minimal amount of amniotic fluid, which is pretty important for lung development.

Responding to Sounds

The baby is like to start hearing your conversation, which is why the babies are more connected to their mother’s voice right after birth than other people around. In case the noise is too loud, the baby will listen and may give movement. In many ultrasound reports, doctors have observed a change in facial expression when they listen to music.

Testicle Dropping

In case you are having a baby boy, his testicle will start developing and start to descend into his scrotum. However, they will take two to three months to develop completely.

Sleep Routine

At this time, your baby will start developing regular sleep and wake patterns. Don’t be delusional, afraid, or take it abnormally if they are active when you are asleep or on the move. you can also face trouble sleeping.


eye, brown eye, brown

During this period, the baby’s lashes will start to grow gradually. At this stage, the baby’s hair will be completely white but eventually, start developing pigment. Anyhow, it does not completed before reaching the stage of week 32. Lashes consume time to grow fully.


In week 26, your baby will open your eyes. According to specialists, all parts of the eyes start developing in the seventh week, and this is the time when your baby opens his eyes. The eyes start to open by the end of the second trimester.

Immune System

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At twenty-six weeks, gift your baby with his own immune system to help develop immunities to provide protection against infection after birth. It happens especially due to the placenta. At this, your body works hard to provide protection to your baby and your own body.

Things To-Do At 26 Weeks

Here is what you can do to accommodate yourself and your baby:

Plan a Babymoon

This is an excellent time to have a good but less tiring trip before your baby comes into the world. You can connect to your partner, as it is a great time to strengthen your relationship. This time offers you the opportunity to make memories that you can look back on with a smile when you are stressed out or far away from each other.

Consider Taking Classes

Apart from taking birth classes, you can switch to classes related to baby care, CRP as well as breastfeeding. Many healthcare institutes and hospitals offer such courses. You can consult your healthcare provider for recommendations of pregnancy brain.

Manage Gestational Diabetes

When you have this problem, the diagnosis can be overwhelming and demand many changes in your lifestyle. About more than 80 percent of women with gestational diabetes can rely on diet as well as exercise in order to manage their blood sugar levels.

In this situation, consuming a balanced diet is the key factor. However, experts suggest relying on 40% carbs, 20% proteins, and the rest of healthy fats. Apart from what you eat, what you consume is more important. This time, you can aim for three meals and two-time snacks per day. You can also consult a healthcare provider for a balanced diet plan.


Pregnancy is a time of roller coaster emotion, but when you are prepared for what is coming, you can gracefully deal with everything. A 26-week pregnancy is on the verge of speeding up the baby’s growth and developing different parts of the body.

At this time, you can witness different changes in the body, but do not be afraid. After delivery, your body will get back to the original figure. All you need to do is maintain a good diet, keep moving and monitor every change happening in your body.


26 Weeks Pregnant is How Many Months?

If you are 26 weeks pregnant, it means you are in month 6 of pregnancy. It means your second trimester is about to be over.

How Does a Baby Look Like at the end of the second trimester?

At this time, your baby is still gaining weight to get an adorable and chubby body, and they might start to look around. However, there is not too much pigment in the iris in order to set the tone of the baby’s eyes.

The baby starts to react more with every stimulus, such as reacting to bright lights and other stimuli.

Why Does a Baby Move More at Night?

It is common to hear people saying that babies are more active at the end of the second trimester. It is true! The majority of babies are too active at night. However, the reason is still unknown, but some scientists claim that it can happen due to circadian rhythms even in the womb.

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